HxGN NetWorks Web Services

Extends your HxGN NetWorks capabilities and connects your enterprise to its network model.

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HxGN NetWorks Web Services is a flexible software suite that provides secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. By leveraging web services to simplify the development and maintenance of interfaces, integrations and task-oriented portals and mobile applications, HxGN NetWorks Web Services connects the enterprise to the HxGN NetWorks network model, making it available and usable wherever needed. Easy to configure and powerful to use, HxGN NetWorks Web Services unlocks value in existing geospatial investments and enhances the reach, quality and currency of enterprise information, improving business processes and capabilities.

HxGN NetWorks Web Services establishes a foundation of standards-based web services that enables the widest range of your users and software to access, visualize, update and add network data. HxGN NetWorks Web Services offers far greater flexibility and choice in how data and functionality are accessed and deployed, providing a range of critical enterprise capabilities right out of the box. By connecting users across the enterprise with the network model and supporting new applications, HxGN NetWorks Web Services increases the business value of network data, while reducing costs.


Better serve the enterprise

Extend the reach and usability of the network model and fulfill business needs.

Improve business agility

Make more informed decisions quicker and adapt to change.

Reduce costs

Reduce errors, costs and delays and improve productivity.

HxGN NetWorks portfolio

Plan, design, construct, operate and maintain your network and physical assets.

HxGN NetWorks Utilities

Choose from pre-configured modules, branch-specific data models and functions to fit your specific network.

HxGN NetWorks Comms

Streamline fiber network engineering processes and deliver an operations-ready network model.