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PVT Agriculture reduces costs with solutions that go beyond smart farming

Discover how Hexagon’s approach to smart farming helped lower costs by converting data into more efficient operations

Company: PVT Agriculture, a manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers based in Tapejara, Brazil

Challenge: When making improvements in their internal processes, PVT Agriculture identified a deficiency in the implement’s GPS controllers that was causing high after-sales costs

Solution: The company chose Hexagon’s displays (GPS onboard computers) and remote access module, which allow PVT Agriculture’s after-sales team to view the display in the field if needed

Results: The company achieved 95% reduction in technical assistance costs


Highly respected in the sprayers segment, PVT Agriculture has been manufacturing self-propelled products for more than 25 years. The organisation has revolutionised the market with its robust equipment that generates results in the field – constantly innovating, without losing the power of its brand.


Identifying an opportunity

The search for internal process improvements made PVT Agriculture realise that there was a deficiency in the implements’ GPS controllers, which generated high expenses for after-sales service and technical visits in the field.

To solve this challenge, PVT Agriculture needed to find technology that would help their sprayers gain market value. The organisation turned to Hexagon, who presented their GPS technology and remote assistance solutions — ultimately meeting PVT Agriculture’s needs. The companies partnered to develop and adapt the products in the manufacturer’s sprayers.


“We develop embedded technologies for tractor and implement manufacturers, with the goal of transforming them into true technological tools for agricultural efficiency," says Bernardo de Castro, President of Hexagon’s Agriculture division.


Partnering for success

The agricultural sector is very strict when it comes to the technologies used in tractors and implements in the field. Using innovative solutions and cutting-edge products generates “winning sales” arguments for the industry.

With Hexagon’s displays on their machines, PVT Agriculture has a competitive advantage that has resulted in more sales. However, the major differential was a 95% reduction in costs related to technical assistance in the field. This was due to the use of Hexagon’s exclusive remote access add-on module, which allowed PVT Agriculture’s technical team to visualise the display screen via an internet connection to help solve problems in real time — ultimately reducing expenses and loss of productivity related to travel.

“We are very pleased with what Hexagon offers us for field support and new developments," says Marcelo Variza, Director of PVT Agriculture.

In addition to being a technology provider and offering technical support in the field for the manufacturer, Hexagon is a partner for new developments and future projects that are emerging between the two companies.

“We are very pleased with what Hexagon offers us for field support and new developments.”
Marcelo Variza
PVT Agriculture

As part of the partnership, Hexagon provides a continuous training program for PVT Agriculture’s technical team so they can serve their customers with unique quality and expertise, generating credibility, agility and satisfaction.

PVT Agriculture shows great satisfaction with the quality of the equipment delivered by Hexagon. With the training program for technicians, the organisation has already seen a significant reduction in after-sales service costs, proving Hexagon’s unwavering commitment to delivering technology and innovation to major agricultural machine manufacturers.

“We now feel safe and secure because we are being covered by a leading company like Hexagon, greatly improving our process," says Variza.