Celebrating 20 years of innovation with SimManager

Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation with SimManager

In the fast-paced world of product development, simulations have become the cornerstone of innovation. They allow engineers and designers to test, iterate, and refine their ideas virtually before they even touch a physical prototype. Yet, as the complexity and importance of simulations have grown, so too have the challenges associated with managing the vast amounts of data they generate.

There are three primary challenges: data management, productivity, and collaboration.

Data management: Simulations generate an incredible amount of data. From input parameters to simulation results, this data holds the key to informed decision-making and improved product designs. However, the sheer volume and diversity of this data can quickly turn into a chaotic mess without proper management.

Productivity: In the world of simulations, time is of the essence. Organizations that can iterate quickly and efficiently gain a significant competitive edge. Solutions that go beyond data management, powered by big data and High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems that provide intelligent decision-making is the game-changer for organizations looking to optimize their engineering processes.

Finally, Collaboration: It isn't just about working together—it's about data, processes and people working together effectively. Imagine a seamless workflow where everyone is on the same page, data access is well-defined, and approval workflows are streamlined.

For the past 2 decades SimManager, has been tackling these challenges head-on. We have been trusted by the most demanding customers in automotive & aerospace. As we gear up to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have made some significant improvements that benefit our customers empowering them to take their engineering processes to the next level.

Our SimManager webinar series is your chance to explore the potential of SPDM and its role in transforming simulation processes. This series will showcase capabilities of the updated SimManager next gen which includes a completely new user-friendly interface. Whether you're seeking better data management, improved simulation throughput, or enhanced collaboration, SimManager has something to offer.

Webinar 1:
Managing Simulation data with SimManager Next Gen
Date & Time: Thursday, Sep 14 at 16:00 Hrs CEST I 10:00 AM EDT I 19:30 IST
Speakers: Dr. Michael Schlenkrich, Ashok Patel

Webinar 2:
Enhanced Simulation Throughput with SimManager
Date & Time: Thursday, Sep 21 at 16:00 Hrs CEST I 10:00 AM EDT I 19:30 IST
Speakers: Jan Niendorf, Simon Buchner, Dr. Michael Schlenkrich

Webinar 3:
Pedestrian safety simulation with SimManager
Date & Time: Thursday, Sep 28 at 16:00 Hrs. CEST I 10:00 AM EDT I 19:30 IST
Speakers: Cesar Goeminne, Ashok Patel

SimManager Next Gen is your gateway to unparalleled engineering productivity, breakthrough innovations, and a smoother development journey. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to transform your simulation practices.