OPTIV M Vision+

The performance standard for general-purpose 3D multisensor measurements.

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OPTIV M Vision+

OPTIV M Vision+ provides an all-in-one solution for the multisensor measurement of geometric size features on precision parts of any material and surface finish.

  • All-in-one metrology solution – camera sensor + touch-trigger probe + CNC rotary table allow for a flexibly adaptable multisensor performance. 
  • Future-ready modularity allows for easy in-field upgrade of the base system. 
  • ISO 10360 compliant 3D measurement performance with high accuracy – optical and tactile. 
  • Effortless smart manufacturing integration of OPTIV M Vision+ due to standardised automation interface and seamless integration with Hexagon’s IoT technologies for remote asset and environment monitoring. 
  • Intuitive operability of OPTIV M Vision+ through a simplified operator interface. 
  • Future-proof investment fully backed up by Hexagon’s global service and support network.

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General-purpose 3D multisensor measurement

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