HxGN Machine Trainer

Multi-axis CNC and CMM machine trainer simulator

Connecting the real world and the digital world

Connecting the real world and the digital world

HxGN Machine Trainer is an innovative training solution that is safe, efficient, flexible, and effective.

Product capabilities

Manufacturers continuously need to train operators/programmers for CNC machines/ coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) due to following challenges:

  • Scarcity of experienced/skilled operators/programmers
  • Higher turnover of the workforce

While onboarding the operators/programmers for CNC machines/CMMs, following are the challenges involved:

  • Expensive CNC machines/CMMs used for actual production/inspection are at risk during training
  • Production/inspection is delayed in case of a CNC machine/CMM breakdown due to collision due to human error while operating the same which may affect the delivery date to the end customer
  • Higher cost of poor quality due to rejections/rework due to human error, leading to reduced profit margin
  • Additional operating cost due to investment in raw material stock, tooling, fixtures etc. required for training purpose
  • Evaluation of the performance/understanding of the operator/programmer during the training process as a part of measurement of training effectiveness

For milling turning machinesPractical training for 3-5 axis milling and mill-turn machines

The HxGN Machine Trainer is designed to create realistic machine preparation scenarios and be used as a professional training equipment. The HxGN Machine Trainer provides interchangeable CNC control to cover various types of machine languages mentoring.

The HxGN Machine Trainer incorporates NCSIMUL – Hexagon’s CNC simulation software, HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS and FANUC operating control simulators, two physical CNC panels, a large industrial display, a touch screen, a machine tool handwheel, the CNC signal tower light, a programmable logic controller and a machine tool simulation mechanism.

The virtual CNC machine trainer comes with NCSIMUL software connected to and driven by the CNC panel, to learn how to pilot a CNC virtually, prior to go on the real one. It significantly reduces costs, training time, lag due to availability while simulating and optimizing machining programs.

For coordinate measuring machines (CMMs):

HxGN Machine Trainer also integrates coordinate measuring machine (CMM) simulation functionalities. Through the I++ Simulator software, the HxGN Machine Trainer hosts a wide selection of CMMs digital twins, of different sizes and brands, to simulate their mechanical design.

To observe the current course of a measurement routine, including collision risks, it is necessary to be able to visualize the CMM, its probing head, the probe, the probe changer, the part, and the fastening system. Thus, our software will make it possible to simulate the entire ecosystem related to the measurement.

I ++ Simulator, like a real CMM, will receive operating instructions from a 3D Metrology software, such as PCDMIS or QUINDOS. Through its communication protocol, respecting to the I++DME standard, I++ Simulator can also collaborate with other solutions available on the market.

The I++ Simulator software will therefore make it possible to simulate existing measurement routines and thus facilitate the development of new programs, in learning mode or offline mode with the CAD model. It does not require any particular know-how, the reality blends into the virtual and you feel like being in control of the real CMM.

In addition to the HxGN Machine Trainer, our offering can include a set of PCDMIS or QUINDOS offline licenses for workstations installation and thus, provide a more complete educational solution.

  • A single ready-to-use device to simulate multiple machines
    • 3-axis to 5-axis milling machine
    • Mill-turn machining centre
    • Three digital controllers (HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS and FANUC)
    • Three-dimensional metrology unit (available for different types of CMMs)
    • Ready for industry of the future (DNC and monitoring included)
  • Autonomous learning
    • No risk of breakage/damage to machine tool/CMM
  • Moderate investment
    • Available at a fraction of the price of a real CNC machine tool
    • No operating cost (e.g., raw material stock, tooling etc. not required)
  • Innovative and attractive educational tool
    • Realistic operating experience with different types of sounds (e.g., metal chips, coolant, collision etc.)
    • Recording of the sessions conducted by the trainee for review/evaluation
  • Industrial means of learning for new machine operators and tool for collaboration between methods/programming department and machine operator in the workshop