PAS IPL Assurance

PAS IPL Assurance®

Ensures Independent Protection Layer (IPL) Function availability and performance.

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Safe and profitable industrial operations rely upon functional and available Independent Protection Layers (IPLs). But too often, assessing IPL status means relying on error-prone, time-consuming, manual processes to collect information from spreadsheets and in-house tools. But when it comes to safety, there’s no time or room for error. PAS IPL Assurance transforms your interactions with your IPLs. PAS IPL Assurance delivers automated, continuous visibility into the health and availability of your Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), functions, interlocks and other IPLs. With PAS IPL Assurance, you can rapidly identify potential risks while improving operational awareness.


Early Warnings

Automatically alert the right people when bypasses, failures or out-of-service safety function events occur.

Plan and Schedule

Easily manage your required test schedules and quickly create accurate proof of testing documentation.

Audit-Ready Reporting Trail

Create compliant safety function and testing document and ensure an IEC and OSHA compliant audit trail.


  • Improves plant safety and operational awareness of IPL performance

  • Reduces operational risk and downtime due to shutdowns or turnarounds

  • Optimizes plant resources by automating IPL integrity reporting

PAS IPL Assurance

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