HxGN SFx Management Release 6.0

SFx Asset Management 6.0 is a major release that consists of many new features, including support for portable arms and SFx Desktop upgrade, as well as usability and stability improvements.

Support for Portable Arms

SFx Asset Management extends support for a new type of asset: portable arms, along with the following features:

  • Inclusion of Portable Arms on the Asset Dashboard - Portable arms are now integrated into the Asset Dashboard along with other asset types for integrated monitoring of all asset types in a single view. This includes the extension of the basic dashboard features optimized for the portable arm user experience.
  • Table View / Card View / Map View Toggle
  • Asset Filter – A new filter field for Asset Type makes it easy to toggle between views of different asset types (i.e., arm, laser tracker, or CMM), and the integrated view of all types together.
  • Asset Status - The asset status icon reflects the system status of the portable arm.
  • Sensor Status - The sensor icons reflect the status of the arm sensors for:
    • Power Supply: Indicates the power source and power level of the arm.
    • IP54: Indicates if the arm (RA8v2 only) and its accessories are protected against dust and moisture to IP54 standard.
  • Event Log - Keeps track of all events relevant to portable arms with the three event levels categorized by event severity:
    • Critical status
    • Warning status
    • Info status
  • Portable Arm Detail View - SFx Asset Management enables you to focus on an individual portable arm and dive into its details to check the status of accessories and visualize multiple data points with dedicated charts.
    • Summary State Panel - Catches a glimpse of the operational status of a portable arm, the active probe or scanner, and current scanning profile, as well as the summary state information of key components, including
      • Power Supply
      • Network Configuration
      • IP54 Compliance
      • Internal Temperature
      • Asset and service info
      • Connection Status
    • Charts - Easily monitor the changing conditions of arm components and sensors in graphical formats optimized for:
      • Internal Temperature
      • Power Supply
      • IP54 Compliance and Asset Connection
    • Probes - Lists all probes and scanners available for an individual portable arm, and displays details for each. 
    • GPS - Dynamically track the position of your portable arm through real-time geo-location data sent by an external GPS tag.

SFx Desktop Upgrades

  • The workflow of connecting portable arms to your SFx account is added to the SFx Desktop user interface.
  • Under Program Files and ProgramData on your local disk, SFx Desktop consolidated existing folders under one parent SFx folder and descriptively renamed some service names and display names. This change is effective in upgrading from SFx Desktop v5.2 to v6.0 but is not backward compatible.
  • Connection Diagnostics
    A fast and simple connection testing and troubleshooting tool in SFx Desktop to help you quickly diagnose underlying issues in internet connections and proxy settings.
    The diagnostic tests include:
    • Platform URL accessibility
    • Identity Server URL accessibility
    • General internet connectivity (HTTPS)
    • General internet connectivity (HTTP)
  • Added support for new CMM models from the OPTIV product lines, including OPTIV M 3.2.2, OPTIV M 4.4.3, and OPTIV M 6.6.4. You can connect these new models to your SFx account through the CMM onboarding wizard.
  • Added a new option, Send Feature Results to the Cloud, to the Opt-in page and the PC-DMIS Interface. Once checked, data of any measured or constructed feature will be sent to the cloud.
  • Renamed the Connected state to Linked in the SFx Connection column and added a descriptive tooltip for this state.


Pre-release Features MachineX Integration

Integrated MachineX into SFx Desktop as an alternative to onboard machine tools to your SFx account. MachineX allows bi-directional communications to CNC machine controllers via specific APIs. 

Automatic PRO Trial Process
Automated the generation workflow of PRO Trial subscriptions. Now you can request PRO Trial subscriptions and apply them to your onboarded assets faster than before.

Other Improvements

  • Sensor Chart Improvements
    Besides the Temperature sensor chart, other types of Pulse sensor charts such as Vibration, Illuminance can also be viewed in the Separate and Overlay mode. See Sensor Monitoring Chart for details.
  • Unified UX in the GPS Geofences screen and organization-level geofence management in Asset Settings.