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The HxGN NetWorks portfolio is a flexible and integration-ready geospatial asset management solution that provides a single source of accurate, up-to-date information and a full spectrum of tools for different users across the business. HxGN NetWorks is used by customers across the world to design, build, manage and maintain physical networks, including electric, gas, water, wastewater, multi-utility and fiber.

HxGN NetWorks intuitively responds to the needs of each phase in the asset management lifecycle, including:

  • Planning: Provide a robust model of proposed and as-built network and share that data with other tools to perform planning and analysis
  • Design: Leverage configurable business rules to ensure connectivity is maintained and QA/QC is performed during the design phase
  • Construction: Deliver digital designs to construction crews to track materials used and note as-built changes that differ from the designs
  • Operations: Provide accurate, up-to-date physical network models to operational systems to ensure resilient operations
  • Maintenance: Equip teams with the tools to perform network analysis and asset inspections


Industry specific

Perform and transform with a geospatial asset management solution specifically built for utilities and telecommunications.

Market tailored

Take advantage of prepackaged modules tailored to meet the evolving needs of your specific subindustry.

Fully digital

Continue your modernization journey with paperless, fully digital solutions that can be accessed via desktop, mobile app and the web.

Unified inventories

Discover the advantages of creating a single source of truth for your physical network, topology and assets.

Integrated workflows

Easily integrate with other core systems to create value and increase efficiency and resiliency via composable architecture and API-driven functionality.

Accurate digital twins

Ensure robust modeling, network planning and data quality by creating a digital representation of your network, with all its associated assets and the surrounding environment.

HxGN NetWorks solution suites

  • HxGN NetWorks Core

    This database core, desktop client and administration platform is the prerequisite for all HxGN NetWorks deployments.

    HxGN NetWorks Core enables operators to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing their network and its connectivity and share with users and systems across their organization.

    It delivers records that are more accurate, consistent and current by applying intelligent, rules-driven tools that streamline and enhance the processes for designing and documenting the network. It is able to assess, manage and track the status of projects, equipment and connections and coordinate with other business systems to manage the full engineering lifecycle.

  • HxGN NetWorks Web Services

    These secure web services extend HxGN NetWorks Core workflows across the enterprise, allowing other HxGN NetWorks applications and external applications to integrate with NetWorks Core.

    HxGN NetWorks Web Services provides secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. By leveraging web services to simplify the development and maintenance of interfaces, integrations and task-oriented portals and mobile applications, HxGN NetWorks Web Services connects the enterprise to the HxGN NetWorks Core network model, making it available and usable wherever needed.

    Easy to configure and powerful to use, HxGN NetWorks Web Services unlocks value in existing geospatial investments; enhances the reach, quality and currency of enterprise information; and improves business processes and capabilities.

  • HxGN NetWorks Interface

    This web client allows users to perform create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations in the field.

  • HxGN NetWorks Framework

    This web portal provides templates and frameworks for building portals, viewers and creating workflow-specific applications.

  • HxGN NetWorks Mobile Workforce

    This suite is comprised of four preconfigured apps for common field work situations.

  • HxGN NetWorks Comms

    HxGN NetWorks Comms enables utilities, communications providers and local governments to design, document, administer, analyze, maintain and manage their fiber optic networks.

    HxGN NetWorks Comms is an advanced telecommunications GIS that provides location-based information and tools for the complete lifecycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management – from design and construction to maintenance and operations, in the back office and the field. It facilitates key business processes, such as work order design and execution, mapping, asset records management and maintenance records of the entire system.

    Its feature-rich interface helps plan, connect and deploy fiber networks, supporting full tracing capabilities, fault analysis and path redundancy. It can assess, manage and track the status of projects, equipment and connections and coordinate with other systems to model the full engineering lifecycle.

  • HxGN NetWorks Utilities

    With the HxGN NetWorks Utilities suite, numerous pre-configured modules, branch-specific data models and functions for various supply networks (including gas, water, electricity and multi-utility) are available, which ensure optimal support for utility-specific work processes.

    EVU-specific process chains can be designed effectively and economically using these tried-and-tested tools and functionalities. Work steps such as recording and documentation, planning, mobile use, maintenance and management of the entire infrastructure can be fully supported.

  • HxGN NetWorks Data

    This suite of modules is used for importing, exporting, analyzing, quality control and protection of valuable network and company data.

    Diverse import and export functionalities / tools ensure that seamless work and smooth workflows are possible across system boundaries.

    Analyst tools support the user with workflows for creating, maintaining and providing customer-specific queries for targeted analyses and evaluations of existing company data.

    HxGN NetWorks Data also offers tools for integrated data protection, data history management and effective process-integrated data quality management.

  • HxGN NetWorks B4U Dig

    These effective and cost-saving internet map services help users coordinate “call before you dig” concerns between other utilities and customers.

    The provision of maps and additional information related to underground pipes and cables is an integral service offered by utility and grid operators. With HxGN NetWorks B4U Dig, organizations in this field can efficiently and affordably provide these services. Similarly, construction firms, planning offices and other external users can radically reduce the time to obtain a provision after an information request.

    This suite enables utilities and grid operators to provide planning information efficiently and securely using a web portal. It offers a consistent and integrated workflow that supports planning information and automated documentation of complete information processes.

    Utilities and grid operators will benefit from this user-friendly, cost-saving solution with its guarantee of open and secure planning information. Important safety aspects are seamlessly integrated into the solution workflow.

  • HxGN NetWorks in the cloud

    HxGN NetWorks in the cloud is a fully managed SaaS geospatial asset management solution for utilities and telecommunications. It provides all the features and functionality of an on-premises solution, with the convenience, security and multicore processing power of cloud architecture.

    HxGN NetWorks in the cloud is bundled together with Oracle as the cloud provider for the fully managed solution. It is also available as a hybrid solution with Microsoft. 

    Hexagon is the only vendor with a fully managed SaaS solution. It delivers all the features and functionality of a geospatial asset management system combined with the security, scalability and resilience of a cloud solution.


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