HxGN NetWorks Data | Browser

Easily browse, search, filter, edit, visualize and export data from any HxGN NetWorks Data model

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Utilities and communications data stewards, responsible for controlling and ensuring data quality, need an easy-to-use tool to mine and maintain their network asset data if they want to unlock its full potential. And many users and stakeholders across an organization, such as asset managers, planners, engineers or even finance departments, can benefit from a solution that allows them to interactively query the network model on the fly and create custom reports.

HxGN NetWorks Data | Browser, part of the HxGN NetWorks Data suite, addresses this need by enabling users to easily browse, search, filter, edit, visualize and export data from any HxGN NetWorks Data model.

NetWorks Data | Browser is available on three platforms: HxGN NetWorks Core | Designer, as a standalone tool and HxGN NetWorks Data | Browser Web. Because of the different functionalities and options available in these platforms, the features offered for each platform vary (see product sheet).


HxGN NetWorks Data | Browser Web

With NetWorks Data | Browser Web, users can easily browse, export and display features from any HxGN NetWorks Data model in HxGN NetWorks Core | Portal. Users build the data grid by selecting a workspace published by NetWorks Data | Browser. Features can be filtered in the data grid and results displayed in the map window and in the legend.


Improved workflow efficiencies

Non-technical users can mine data and answer questions without the need for in-depth knowledge of the database or data.

Easy data mining

Users can create on-demand queries, thematic maps and custom reports without involving IT, getting actionable info faster.

Quick data cleanup

Data stewards can easily browse data and quickly identify and fix abnormalities, improving data quality and decision-making.

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