HxGN MinePlan Quarry Pro

A complete mine planning software package for quarries with additional drill and blast capabilities and improved database management.


An interactive mining experience

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Main benefits

3D visualization

HxGN MinePlan Quarry Pro’s user-friendly interface integrates HxGN MinePlan 3D into a standardized workflow.

Schedule optimization

Improved reconciliation and improved production thanks to strategic blending and scheduling optimization.

Resource estimation

A combination of statistical and interpolation tools drives a fully auditable process for building reliable resource models and reporting all details of the results.

Drill and blast workflow built on transparency, trust

Transparency and trust are essential to a solid mine plan, which must be clearly explained to all stakeholders. And with so many downstream implications, drill and blast is too important to get wrong. Without a comprehensive mine planning software package that includes an integrated drill and blast workflow, quarries will struggle to plan, communicate, or execute the most economical method for mining the deposit.

HxGN MinePlan Quarry Pro is a complete mine planning software package with additional drill and blast capabilities and improved database management. Its user-friendly interface integrates HxGN MinePlan 3D into a standardized workflow, basing schedule optimization on economics or other constraints.

Design tools are based on drill and blast best practices and the comprehensive engineering and geology workflow is tailored to mining (not AutoCAD). The solution is scalable, growing as your organization does. Quarry Pro is based on decades of development and successful operation in quarries and metal mines worldwide.

Tailored for quarries with added drill and blast tools

Tools within HxGN MinePlan Quarry Pro are designed to solve mining engineering and geology problems. The integrated Pro package combines geology, engineering, production, and scheduling software with additional drill and blast capabilities and improved database management.

Easy-to-use solution that delivers results you can trust

Strategic blending, scheduling, and geologic interpretation can help improve production and reconciliation. (Forecast is easier to reconcile with actual data.) A faster, streamlined workflow means reduced training time, improved safety and lower production costs.

Proven history with software developed for all mine types

Software development began in 1970 before becoming the industry’s number-one integrated, non-scripted solution. It’s easy to understand, support and troubleshoot and is backed by a multi-lingual, global support staff comprising geologists and engineers.

HxGN MinePlan 3D

HxGN MinePlan 3D is the foundational software for visualization, design, modeling, and reserves calculation in our general mine planning portfolio.

50 more years of intelligent mining

Learn about new MinePlan developments in short-interval control, strategic scheduling, and drill and blast. Watch the webinar produced in association with Mining Magazine.

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Dump planning optimization at a UNESCO site

In New Caledonia, MinePlan is being used to manage waste responsibly and help preserve a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read the story featured in Mining Engineering magazine.

MinePlan as the interoperability bridge

Learn how to evaluate planning workflows and the value they add to mining operations from the perspective of MinePlan. Watch the webinar.

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