HxGN MineOperate UG Foundation

A comprehensive software package suitable for trucks, dozers, shovels, drills, and more. Equipped vehicles can track and log activity, providing idle time, fuel costs, and production information to dispatcher and supervisors.

An interactive mining experience

Interactively explore your own life-of-mine journey to see how Hexagon leads to safer, more productive, more sustainable and more profitable mines across the entire mine site lifecycle, or contact us to discuss your unique challenges.

Main benefits

Connect your underground mine

Track worker and equipment positions accurately. Fleet performance is relayed to maintenance and engineering, ending unplanned events and delays.

Minimize waste, improve profit

Enjoy greater visibility into real-time production and the peace of mind of knowing that greater situational awareness means a safer mine.

More time for tech services

Technical services can divert time previously spent collecting and validating data to implementing business improvement initiatives.

Track machines, miners and material movements underground

Above and below ground, Hexagon is integrating fleet management systems and safety solutions to elevate fleet management to mission critical, allowing companies to maximize the effectiveness of their fleets while improving safety.

HxGN MineOperate UG Foundation is an off-the-shelf tablet solution for tracking machines, miners, and their material movements, ensuring they’re operating together efficiently. Combined with a software application to manage underground fleet equipment, it works offline or connected to existing UG mine communications, capturing daily production activities and equipment utilization metrics.

It converts this data into manageable packets of information to ensure continuous business improvement decisions are made.

Use MineOperate UG Foundation to quickly respond to onboard data and reduce maintenance costs. Assets can be tracked, saving time that was previously wasted trying to identify locations of people and equipment. Technical services can divert time previously spent collecting and validating data to implementing business improvement initiatives.

Scalable platform integrates with other solutions

Versatile platform is developed to handle new IoT protocols and integrates with other Hexagon solutions and external data from other vendors, empowering you to break down proprietary data roadblocks.

Build and manage your own mobile dashboards

Reporting platform allows you to build and manage your own mobile dashboards and reports without the need for technical skills; or simply draw from the out-of-the-box versions installed by default. Connect to other real-time data sets seamlessly in a single interface.

Critical step in digitizing manually captured activities

Enrich production data and convert it into meaningful information. Access data anytime from anywhere to make effective decisions on the go. Expect less downtime for unplanned maintenance and reduced hourly costs of running data from the working face to the nearest network node.

Your guide to a complete underground solution

Our reference guide examines the challenges facing UG miners and the players affected by those challenges. Success stories illustrate how we’re helping customers, presenting best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

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Introducing HxGN MineOperate UG Pro

Manage underground fleet equipment and broadcast time-utilization information the instant it’s needed in remote areas deep below the surface with HxGN MineOperate UG Pro. Watch the video to learn more.

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Minimizing operational and maintenance costs

Read our blog to learn how dispatchers from Adaro’s PT Saptaindra Sejati used HxGN MineOperate to reduce the number of haul trucks per fleet while increasing productivity and reducing loader hangtime.

Manage your fleet and minimize your costs

Watch our video for an overview of how MineOperate’s integrated solutions can help you drive efficiencies, reduce waste and increase productivity throughout your mine.

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