DPA Professional

High-End 3D Measurement with a Handheld Digital Camera

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Photogrammetry system DPA Professional

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Part of the DPA Series, DPA Professional is a handheld digital camera-based photogrammetry system that allows for both production control and monitoring on the spot, without long manufacturing downtime or time-consuming transport to the measuring machine.

DPA-Professional-at-EDAGThe high-end handheld digital camera at the heart of the DPA Professional package offers maximum flexibility in spatially confined or hard-to-reach areas. After signalisation with the included extended range of targets, adaptors and scale bars is complete, image capture and measurement result production take mere minutes thanks to the advanced functionality of the DPA Pilot software platform.

Able to measure objects of any size, from small components to whole airplanes, typical applications of DPA Professional include deformation analysis, tolerance analysis, fixture measurement and CAD comparison.

As an expert-level system, DPA Professional puts control of all settings directly in the hands of the user and is therefore well-suited to metrology professionals familiar with the concept and typical implementation of typical photogrammetry processes.

DPA Industrial

Built around the robust industrial-grade casing of the custom-designed C1 Camera, DPA Industrial is a high-end photogrammetry system that has been specifically created for both resilience and simplicity.

DPA Entry

Ground-breaking new technology brings metrology-grade accuracy to ultra-long stand-off contactless 3D measurement.

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