Actran DGM

Model noise propagation in complex flows

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Actran DGM solves the linearized Euler equations using discontinuous finite elements and is used for predicting the noise propagation in complex physical conditions. It is particularly well suited to solving aero-acoustic problems at the exhaust of a double flux aero-engine, including effects such as propagation through strong shear layers, high temperature gradients and non-homentropic mean flows.

Actran DGM uses an unstructured mesh method, and is not constrained by standard limitations of Finite Difference Method. As the order of the elements is automatically adapted, the mesh can be non-homogeneous, with a combination of very small and large elements in the same mesh, without any performance degradation.

Sample applications:

  • Exhaust of turbomachines
  • Inlet of large turbomachines
  • All acoustic propagation problems with non-homogeneous mean flow conditions

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