Which Absolute Scanner?

How to choose the right 3D laser scanner for your application

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Which Absolute Scanner?

The Absolute Scanner range comes in three flavours, each with its own particular strengths. Keep reading to find out which is the right choice for your application and industrial context.

Absolute Scanner AS1

Our flagship 3D laser scanner ticks every box. High-speed data, high-quality data, and incredible ease-of-use thanks to our patented SHINE technology. Fully capable of both fast surface scanning and fine-detail feature scanning. Cross-platform functionality through compatibility with both Absolute Tracker and Absolute Arm products. Automation capability for precision high-volume measurement, whether inline or near-line, in a 100 percent measurement or statistical process control setup.

If you want a scanner that will handle every scanning job well with impressively clean, clear and reliable results, the AS1 is the clear choice to make.

Absolute Scanner LAS

The LAS is all about ease-of-use at a lower level of investment. If you’re looking for the same sort of multi-surface measurement as the AS1 delivers, but are willing to compromise on measurement speed and data quality to meet a stricter budget, the LAS is the choice to make.

Absolute Scanner LAS-XL

The LAS-XL is all about that wide scan line and large standoff that make it ideal for both extremely large surface digitisation and measuring deep cavities where maintaining line-of-sight to the tracker would be difficult with other scanners. If your application values speed over accuracy and has minimal fine features, the LAS-XL is the choice to make.

LAS/LAS-XL bundle

The LAS and LAS-XL are an excellent pair of scanners that complement each other perfectly. Use the LAS for finer details and the LAS-XL for larger surfaces – switching back and forth as needed within the same measuring session is simple, so if you want need a real all-round scanning toolbox, the LAS/LAS-XL bundle is the choice to make.

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