Absolute Scanner: Automation

Absolute automated scanning capability

Absolute Scanner: Automation

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The Absolute Scanner AS1 was built to be the next generation sensor of metrology-powered automation. Impressive performance on default exposure settings, as well as high-speed data collection of up to 1.2 million points per second makes it ideal for a variety of automated manufacturing applications, from systematic inline inspection to statistical checks in the quality room.

Thanks to the direct digital input/output built into the AS1’s dedicated scanner controller, automated system’s using an Absolute Tracker and an AS1 no longer need to include an automation interface controller, both simplifying the setup and reducing investment costs.

Thanks to the 165-millimetre mid-range stand-off of the AS1, there is now far less danger of collisions because of mistakes during programming. The larger standoff of the AS1 gives operators a greater margin for error without reducing data quality, while simultaneously increasing measurement speed – maximum scan width at mid-range standoff is 150 millimetres, allowing every scan pass to cover a greater area of the measurement part.

And thanks to the ground-breaking modular concept of the Absolute Scanner AS1, laser tracker automation serviceability is also improved. Any problem with the system can be reduced down to specific individual replaceable components – both the scanner and positioning device can be independently replaced as needed by the user, with the potential to significantly reduce downtime.

The full potential of the AS1 is yet to be fully uncovered, but we do know this: the future is automated.

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