Machine operators are essential to heavy construction, safely and accurately guiding heavy machinery to ensure projects are built on time and on specification.

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The unstoppable operators of the digital era

Heavy equipment operators are needed more than ever. Projects are complex, timeframes are short and skilled labour is hard to find. Good operators get on with the job with the tools they have and make the best out of the conditions to keep projects moving forward. Great operators use Dirt Simple Solutions to their advantage to complete tasks more easily, in higher working comfort and with greater independence.

These advances in automation technology are helping heavy equipment operators. Effort for impact is maximised, while project goals are always in site thanks to machine control. From the most simple to the most complex task, machine control technology helps all operators get their job done better than ever before.


Dirt Simple machine control technology helps all operators

Machine control technology is used to help accurately guide, position and automate all heavy construction machinery. The technology uses the same GPS you find in your car and smartphone. This gives your machine a live ‘position’ in space and time, simply meaning it helps you get your job done with less effort and reduces wasteful movements of your machine and material. Most importantly it improves safety and speed while removing unplanned rework.

Leica Geosystems is the established brand in the Hexagon Heavy Construction portfolio delivering ‘one for all’ machine control technology. It is a Dirt Simple Solution made up of one common hardware and software platform for all heavy machinery. You can now take control of your jobsite with easy to use machine automation solutions. From shifting earth to laying materials, whether it’s a simple laser guiding an excavator to a group of total stations controlling slipform pavers to millimetre accuracy.

Leica Geosystems remove the jargon and partner with you from the very first time you use machine control; through to helping you plan your own upgrade path to suit the tasks you do. One step at a time. They will help you understand GPS navigation, terrain models, blade control automation, GNSS correction services and much more that is relevant to your work.

The Leica Geosystems team pride themselves on developing the simplest, toughest and most reliable tools in the industry combined with best-in-class service and support. From striping and bulk earthworks through to paving and compaction, see how you can master your site with Leica Geosystems.