Monitoring service providers

Infrastructure monitoring services are key to increasing safety and the lifespan of assets.

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Real-time monitoring to save lives

Monitoring service providers play an important role in ensuring the integrity of a construction site and its related works as well as the integrity of any other infrastructure surrounding a project site.

Real-time monitoring can confirm and predict movements and measure any changes, so work can be carried out efficiently with minimal risk of infrastructure damage and hazardous environments which can be costly.

Win more work while minimising risk and maximising profit

Working with Leica Geosystems’ monitoring solutions equips you with the latest hardware, software and service you need for the toughest monitoring projects out there. With a full solution from one provider, you can be assured that the data from all components of your monitoring project is fully supported and integrated to give you and your clients accurate and reliable reports. Additionally, Leica Geosystems is the only provider that supports scanning in your monitoring projects which is especially helpful in areas where monitoring with mounted reflectors is not possible.

The solution’s ease of integrating various components saves you time and money while producing reliable results that is easily replicated from one project to the next.