Safety Awareness Solutions for Construction Sites

Increase safety through awareness and visibility between workers and machine operators to help prevent accidents on site.

Leica iCON PA10/80 & CAS Personal alert & collision avoidance solutions
Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, extends its safety awareness solution with the Leica iCON PA10 and PA80.  This modular solution increases safety, awareness and visibility between machine operators and workers to prevent machine-to-people, machine-to-machine, and machine-to-objects collisions. By integrating personal alert solutions and collision avoidance technology with machine control provides a unique solution that increases awareness and helps prevent accidents on site.

Personal Alert Solution

Leica PA10 combines a device worn by field crew that can communicate with a stand-alone panel inside machines or vehicles on sites.

The Leica iCON PA10 combines an accident-avoidance device worn by workers moving around that communicates with a panel inside machines or vehicles on-site to increase the visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment such as excavators and dozers. Three alert distances around machines or moving vehicles can be configured to deliver audio, visual and vibratory feedback to the pedestrian and the machine operator or driver to provide awareness and a safer working environment.

The Leica iCON PA80 goes further by combining the personal alert solution with Leica MC1 machine control. The machine operator receives visual and audible alerts directly on the in-cabin display. Pedestrians with a PA device can trigger an alert to notify operators or drivers with PA80 within the 50 m range. Integration into MC1 requires less hardware in the cabin and one point of focus to increase the operator’s overview of the construction site.

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Collision Avoidance Solution

CAS can be added to both PA10 and PA80 solutions. Incorporating personal alert and collision avoidance technology with Leica Geosystems machine control delivers a unique solution to elevate awareness and decrease incidents on site.


Collision Avoidance can be added to both the PA10 and PA80 solutions. With CAS you can define a speed, and if a driver exceeds the defined speed, an alarm will signal. A defined area or an obstacle can have specific alarms defined. The CAS system can “talk” to other machines over 800 m away and calculate potential collisions from much further distance than the PA anchors.
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Xwatch Integration

With the latest integration of Xwatch into Leica MC1, users can now leverage further safety features including height control, slew control and rated capacity indication. The Xwatch safety system monitors machine motions and is designed to accurately restrict movement. Operators can limit the excavator’s height and side boundaries, defining a working zone to increase safety around the machine.

XWATCH Safety Solutions


The operator can proportionally slow down and stop a machine when a wearable device is detected in a configurable zone. Also, by leveraging Leica ConX cloud solution, comprehensive logs can be distributed for analytics within contractors’ existing management processes. The solution integrates safety awareness into the machine control platform and automatically alerts operators on the screen of the same device they use for ongoing machine operations. The safety awareness solution can be used for dozers, excavators or any other heavy equipment using the Leica MC1 machine control system.
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Safety Awareness Solutions for Construction Sites

Safety Awareness Solutions Information Sheet

 The possibility of integrating personal alert solution and collision avoidance technology with Leica Geosystems Machine Cont