Hexagon reimagines its heavy construction demonstration and test site to prepare for an autonomous future

Magnus Thibblin, President, Machine Control, Hexagon Geosystems division

The newly enhanced T-Site, located at Leica Geosystems’ machine control facility in Odense, Denmark, allows employees, customers, and partners to experience the company’s heavy construction solutions in a real-world environment.

Demonstration sites are a great way for customers and employees to develop, assess and test new technology under real-life conditions. Thanks to the latest investments into our updated T-site in Odense, Denmark, we can now demonstrate and allow customers to experience our solutions hands-on like never before.

The T-site is a ‘construction-like’ environment that we’ve used for many years now to test the various iterations of our hardware and software solutions to make sure they meet our customer requirements. Now, we have expanded its use by creating modern facilities designed to provide an optimised experience for visitors and employees.

The testing ground synthesises our product research and cutting-edge product development into an experiential site. Besides, it enables employees, customers and partners, alike to explore our company’s innovative culture and experience its advanced technologies and capabilities through visualisation and hands-on exploration – as well as all the people behind it!

A project for the community

Developing the T-site required a significant investment and community engagement – and it represents an important commitment to Odense as a place of business and R&D. In addition to boosting the local economy by attracting hundreds of visitors in the coming years, the T-site opens the possibility for frequent collaboration with students and researchers at the University of Southern Denmark.

A place to experience, learn and get inspired

The T-site is intended, in part, to create an environment where employees from around the world could meet, learn, and shape the future of heavy construction. In the T-site facilities, our employees can meet and experience how our solutions create value for our customers by improving on-site efficiency and safety.

The T-site’s cool factor can’t be understated nor can its ability to improve employee engagement and instil feelings of working toward a common purpose as part of the Leica Geosystems and Hexagon community. Learning by doing and involving all of our employees in understanding and improving the technology we develop is key to creating an inspiring and engaging environment.

A site for solutions and solutions for a site

The T-site has been developed as a collaboration space for joint development between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and distribution partners. We see it as a platform to explore industry-wide topics and undertake important initiatives related to safety, sustainability and autonomy.

Put the solutions to the test

The T-site takes the buyer journey to unprecedented depths by allowing customers to test our products ‘in the dirt’, in an environment that mimics real-world conditions as closely as possible. Existing and potential customers can actually kick the tires while getting a personalised hands-on experience with our solutions, diving into all aspects of digital construction, field to office, from start to finish while experimenting with sensors, software and cloud solutions.

In addition to experiencing our products first-hand, the T-site enables our customers to look behind the curtain and meet the people responsible for developing our innovative but dirt-simple solutions. When our customers come onsite, we invite them to meet the engineers and those responsible for manufacturing the products as well as people in operations and management. It’s a whole new way of buying heavy construction equipment – and we think it’s the best way forward.

T-Site: The power of experience

At its core, the T-site is a place where customers and employees alike are welcome to deep-dive into Hexagon’s and Leica Geosystems’ cutting-edge solutions and company culture. It’s a testament to the company’s long-standing reputation as a leader in innovative heavy construction solutions – and a showcase for our legacy and achievements. But we’re not a company to rest on its laurels, which is why we’re always pushing the envelope – on construction sites and beyond.

Our team is excited to launch the new T-site and provide relevant demonstrations of our solutions and their problem-solving potential while supporting our current and future customers in complex purchasing decisions.

Magnus is responsible for developing and driving the strategy of the company’s Machine Control business and at the same time passionate about enabling this data-driven transformation towards a more connected, autonomous construction.
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Magnus Thibblin
President, Machine Control, Hexagon Geosystems division