Mobilise and Prepare

The mobilisation of your resources and the preparation of your site ensure that everything and everyone come to together as a team.

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Preparation is key for any successful project

Careful site preparation and mobilisation of your assets needs to be carried out before any major construction project. The process of site preparation is unique to each project, and as such, the necessary steps and choosing the right equipment entails a number of decisions to make: from site evaluation to preparing the machines, from underground utility detection to setting up GNSS corrections and the effective mobilisation your team and resources.

The successes of these tasks depend on assured integrity of site information, design data, accurate positioning, location data and streamlined communication.


Four key areas to consider in the mobilise and prepare phase of your construction project


Since heavy civil projects are involving large scale operation than other forms of construction, you you need to embrace the right tools to keep everyone on the same page, streamline information between the field and the office, thereby saving time and costs. Site preparation is an essential step that requires broad skills to be carried out safely and appropriately.

Learn more about these four key areas below:


1. Ensure you always use accurate location data

An inch makes a big difference when you move tons of dirt. Enhance your field productivity using high-precision GNSS correction data. When you use HxGN SmartNet, you don’t need to install a base station to every site to achieve trusted centimetre-level accuracy in your machine control and GNSS systems. Just subscribe to HxGN SmartNet and you are ready for your high precision work.

2. Control your data and build your machine control model

Use our dirt simple solution to build models for dozers, excavators, graders and stringless 3D curb and gutter machines with ease and accuracy. Whether you are running a single brand or a mixed fleet we make the data prep simple for you. You can work to your finished or subgrade surface and export linework in a variety of formats.

3. Locate utilities before excavation

Undertaking any excavation will inevitably bring site workers into close proximity to underground utilities. To reduce health and safety risks onsite, field workers carrying out utility maintenance, repair should have access to information on the accurate location of utilities. Using the latest Leica Geosystems detection technologies, localising underground assets becomes a simple and efficient task.

4. Collaborate via the cloud

Allow real-time connectivity to take project management to the next level. Efficiently manage all your connected construction projects, including third party platforms, and share job-related data with all stakeholders. Stay on top of onsite developments and increase machine uptime with remote support and on-the-fly training and setup.

Personalised Project Planner

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