Design and Capture

Accurate positioning and measurement of sites starts early and throughout the project lifecycle. The right distances and volumes are key for construction safety and success.

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Everything starts with a good design

To create a plan and detailed scope of work, first the current site conditions need to be determined for future above-ground and in-ground infrastructure. The activities and decisions you make in the first phase, will determine the success and feasibility of your forthcoming construction project and influence the entire life of the project.

Pre-construction deliverables have a strong impact on costs, time, and complexity of the downstream construction activities. To create a complete, virtual model and plan of your project you need survey-grade accuracy and non-proprietary file formats to collaborate and exchange the right information between different CAD and BIM systems.

Four key areas to consider in the design and capture phase of your construction project

Integrated design is not just on paper, it provides you with the right models to plan the work, quantities, resources, time and ensure your people and site are safe. For 200 years, Leica Geosystems has been equipping surveyors with the best measurement and positioning technologies so they can provide the best possible services to contractors.

There are four key aspects of the design and planning phase of your project that must be considered when investing in new technology or choosing a surveying service provider.

Learn more about these four key areas below.

1. Assess site conditions accurately

Use comprehensive plans to understand the site’s initial and changing topography. The right quality and quantity of measuring points is essential to assess where material needs to be cut or filled, the resources required and progress made.

2. Consider your time is money

You want things to be fast and done right the first time. Choose the right equipment, software and services to make a big difference on the number of hours and people on site. 

3. Manage your files in the cloud

Information is most valuable when people have it timely, in the right version and the right format. Cloud-based collaboration solutions save you time, unite your teams, and boost your efficiency, productivity and accessibility.

4. Do it in-house or outsource

Not all measurements are equal. We optimise our equipment for various applications and develop specific hardware, software and service solutions for surveying service providers and construction layout professionals.

Download our Dirt Simple Solutions guide

Every construction project comes with its own challenges. Knowing which technology to use and how, can provide competitive advantage. Take a look at what solutions will not only give you massive productivity gains, but also give you the accuracy and precision your project demands.