How Hexagon creates value for heavy construction of industrial facilities industry

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Using data to design, plan, build and sustain industrial facilities

In a world where change is constant and new priorities are driving new projects, Hexagon is unleashing the power of data to design, plan, build, operate, and sustain industrial assets of the highest quality, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.
Heavy construction disruption

The heavy construction industry is ripe for disruption. Emerging technologies are challenging the status quo, with large-scale deployment of autonomous vehicles, an increasingly virtual workforce and the digitalisation of workflows and processes.

These technology investments will fundamentally transform every stage of the project lifecycle; in fact, traditionally siloed project stages will begin to operate as single integrated systems, from design, procurement and planning through to construction, commissioning and operation.

Construction of an industrial facility

With project investments recovering, but not expected to reach pre-COVID levels, the ability to select the right projects and execute them efficiently is more important than ever. Relying on manual processes and decentralised spreadsheets is time-consuming and exposes projects to unnecessary risks. The need for accurate forecasts and effective progress reports is essential in successfully delivering on organizational goals and objectives.

Enterprise project performance technology helps you digitalise, centralise and standardise key processes. Approaching project performance from an enterprise-wide perspective improves efficiency, predictability and control across your organization and allows you to confidently make decisions that improve project outcomes.

Ultimately, you will construct new plants and facilities more efficiently with integrated design, information-rich 3D models and enhanced workflows that increase productivity, consistency and margins.

The digital thread provides a means to navigate between the various digital twins used throughout the asset lifecycle to understand the “intent” behind their design, strategy and/or process. The digital thread positively impacts enterprise-wide safety culture, engineering and operations collaboration and efficiency and ultimately the bottom line of the balance sheet.

The digital thread is tool-agnostic. It consumes, integrates and enhances data regardless of where it was created. Contractors are then equipped with the intelligence to enhance collaboration, drive efficiency, eliminate mistakes and make the right timely decisions that drive performance.

The digital thread also enables owners and operators to build and maintain an information management data ecosystem throughout the asset lifecycle, allowing for a continuous journey of operational excellence. By deploying a comprehensive digital thread, complex data can be analysed and transformed into actionable information. The significance of this digital platform is that it opens the door to the competitive advantages made possible by using predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automated decision-making across the entire value chain.

Lifting heavy burdens together

Empowering customers to leverage data is Hexagon’s mission for the digital transformation of the heavy construction for industrial facilities industry. From surveying to civil engineering, and from general contracting to operations and maintenance, our sensor hardware and solution-specific software are revolutionizing infrastructure projects:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) automate and accelerate data capture of the site to create base maps.
  • Survey data is seamlessly connected to the 3D model.
  • Analytics determine accurate takeoff and estimate quantities.
  • Sensors measure progress throughout the construction phase.
  • Data is accessed and shared in the cloud and visualised on mobile devices or in the office.
  • Workflow data integrates with all major machine control systems.
  • Sensors track machine movement and utilisation in real time.
  • Software updates the model (digital twin) to hand off for operations and maintenance.

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