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Hexagon provides a comprehensive range of metrology and inspection solutions for the automotive industry, in particular the fast-growing EV sector. Explore the interactive concept car to learn more.

Headlight housings

Moulds, reflectors, reflector bowls lenses, covers, and housings.

Tubes and wires

HVAC ducts and tubes, frame members, wiring conduits, suspension, charging port mounting, brake tubes and railings.

Electric motor components

Stator, Rotor, Hairpins – EV motors rely on accuracy to reduce Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) for a smooth ride.


Power electronics, charging systems, connectors & cables, and connector housings.

Body in white and subassemblies

Full car BiW, sheet metal components, car doors, tailgates, fenders, sills, rocker panels, bumpers, hoods and roof panels.

Finished vehicle inspection

Final car body with full set of seals, trim, headlights, dashboard, seats, linings, and windscreen.

Flush and gaps

Door-to-body, hood-to-fender, and trunk-to-body junctions.


Cells – Cathode/anode overhang, delamination, porosity, particles, and weld quality.

Axles and universal joints

Drive axles, constant velocity joints, U-joints, half shafts, differential

Powertrain and gears

High speeds, higher torques and noise emission requirements lead to increasing demands for accuracy.

Visual of a transparent motor vehicle with see through internal parts on a blue gradient background with soft neon highlights

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With a comprehensive portfolio of metrology and inspection solutions, Hexagon's got your EV needs covered

Our metrology and inspection solutions range from CMMs to portable measuring arms, laser trackers and structured light scanners, hand tools and automated solutions. Supported by dimensional metrology and CT software, they capture real-world data for positioning and inspection, providing actionable information that continuously improves efficiency, quality and productivity.

  • Dimensional inspection and analysis
  • Statistical process control and analysis
  • CT data visualization and analysis
  • Automated inspection

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Our solutions

  • Powertrain and gears
    Powertrain and gears inspection composite for Driven by qualityHigh speeds, higher torques and noise emission requirements lead to increasing quality requirements for the gearboxes of integrated eDrive systems. This results in tolerance ranges in the low micron range and high surface property requirements.

    Typical solution:

    Leitz PMM-C line high-accuracy CMM 

    High-precision dimensional and surface inspection capabilities with ultra-high accuracy CMMs, coupled with advanced tactile and optical sensor solutions and specialised gear measurement software.

    Bridge CMM with 3D laser scanner 

    Automated full-surface capturing of gears in 4-axis scanning mode. The surface data is processed to perform noise analysis and carry out optimisations for gear performance.

    QUINDOS metrology software

    Powerful enough to handle gear inspection and complex geometry inspection tasks within the most complex and demanding powertrain industries, QUINDOS provides an unrivalled selection of modules and programming capabilities within a highly visual CAD enabled environment:

    • Highest accuracy and repeatability
    • Compliant with industry gear standards
    • Specialised modules for wide range of gear types
    • Fast programme creation in CAD based user interface.


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  • Electric motor components

    Electric motor components composite for Driven by qualityMost EVs rely on a direct-drive (single-ratio) unit to step down the rotating speed between the motor and the wheels. While the motor is typically made up of a range of components including stators and rotors, hairpins in particular can be difficult to measure.

    Given their fragile nature and freeform structure, electric motor hairpins are best inspected using high accuracy, non-contact sensors. Using non-contact sensor technology prevents measurement errors and part damage arising from probing forces that can deform the hairpin during measurement.

    The rotor and stator stacks of electric motors are usually composed of individual laminations. Tight tolerances must be maintained with high repeatability to ensure the optimum connection to the lamination stack, providing the required electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties.

    Typical solution:

    Global Advantage CMM with HPL-10.10 laser scanner

    The combination of high machine dynamics (speed and acceleration), optimised motion control algorithms and a wide variety of probe configurations makes the GLOBAL Advantage ideal for the dimensional inspection of delicate electric motor hairpins. HP-L-10.10 is Hexagon’s most accurate non-contact laser scanner for CMMs.

    OPTIV M multisensory CMM with HP-OW sensor / HP-S-X1H probe

    Independent movement of two sensor axes for maximum flexibility in accessing and measuring the geometric features of the rotor/stator stack. Motorised sensor head for automatic sensor orientation at the optimal angle to the part. HP-OW optical white light sensor allows for profile scans from any side or from top of the stacks. HP-S-X1H scanning probe covers profile scans on the bottom or inside holes.

    PC-DMIS metrology software

    A complete suite of programming capabilities for the creation and execution of measurement routines for all parts of electric motors.


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  • Batteries
    Three stacked screenshots of VGSTUDIO MAX battery inspectionCommon challenges include checks for battery performance and safety. For complete battery inspection, industrial computed tomography (CT) can find and quantify porosity, inclusions, anode overhang, and delamination. CT scans enable an inside view of sealed batteries and allow engineers to conduct holistic, high-quality inspections—from R&D to end-of-line quality control, or even as part of an incoming goods inspection at an OEM.

    Typical solution:

    VGSTUDIO MAX              

    AI-based QA/QC of battery cells through industrial CT inspection

    By accurately representing both outer surfaces and inner structures, VG Studio Max’s non-destructive technology offers the unique possibility of getting a full understanding of battery quality.

    VGSTUDIO MAX enables battery inspection using industrial computed tomography (CT) to find and quantify porosity, inclusions, anode overhang, and delamination. Peer inside sealed batteries and conduct holistic, high-quality inspections. Machine- and deep-learning-based capabilities available in the software ensure reliable, scalable inspection solutions.

    • Increased throughput

    Enable reactivity and early defect detection across a wide range of defect classes for any battery type at various stages of the production cycle.

    • Faster autonomous defect detection

    Seamlessly transition from manual and semi-automated analyses in the lab to fully automated quality assurance in production, including optional manual operator reviews, machine learning, and deep learning solutions.

    • Cost savings

    Ensure maximum quality, predictability, and reliability, reducing high costs associated with non-quality and product recalls.


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  • Electronics

    Electronics composite for Driven by qualityHexagon offers a range of options including inline quality inspection using 3D Lasers, optics and probes. Inspection solutions are available for features as small as 0.025 mm, with accuracy to ± 0.025 mm, high lead/pin count, ultra-fine pitch, high-density designs. Multisensor technology for capturing and analysing the entire spectrum of possible geometric errors of connectors enable improvements in product quality, dimensional accuracy, and process robustness through metrology, scanning and statistical analysis capabilities.

    Typical solution:

    OPTIV M Vision+ / TEMPO automated part loading system

    An all-in-one solution for the multisensor measurement of electronics and connectors. The machine’s vision sensor offers 10x motorised zoom optics with a digital high-resolution CMOS colour camera and presents the fastest way to capture all edges of connection geometry visible in the back light or top light. 
    With magnification and illumination individually adjusted, the vision sensor allows distances, radii, angles and diameters of anti-rotation devices of different designs and sizes to be measured with high accuracy and repeatability.
    OPTIV M combines camera sensor and touch-trigger probe in one measuring  cycle, and all measurements are carried out without reclamping the workpiece - programming and measurement times are reduced to a minimum.
    Throughput can be further increased with the addition of TEMPO – Hexagon’s fully autonomous part loading system.

    PC-DMIS metrology software

    PC-DMIS provides a special image processing algorithm that allows for irregularly shaped pins to be reliably detected on the basis of a centre-of-gravity calculation.

    For detailed and advanced analysis of product quality and adherence to GD&T requirements, PC-DMIS provides the broadest range of tools and functionality conforming to ISO and ASME standards.

    HxGN Visual Detection

    Visual Detection software detects product anomalies (feature omissions and/or additions) and cosmetic defects based on images supplied by a vision system. It uses CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) Machine Learning to quickly understand the difference between perfect and abnormal feature sets and surfaces based on the sample images provided.


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  • Tubes and wires
    TubeInspect and software screenshot composite for Driven by qualityIntegral components in electric vehicles, serving essential functions such as structure, power transmission, thermal management, and electrical connectivity. As the EV industry continues to grow, advancements in materials and design are expected to further enhance the performance and efficiency of these components.

    Typical solution:


    Tubeinspect is the leading solution for high-speed tube measurement. Based on a multiple-camera optical scanning system built into a turnkey single-piece cell format, TubeInspect represents the height of what’s possible with optical scanning in the tube and wire production industry.

    Powered by the dedicated BendingStudio XT software platform, TubeInspect is available in both an industrial-sized TubeInspect P16.2 and a smaller TubeInspect P8.2 variant. High-end models also offer the possibility of integration within a larger robotic production cell, making the tube and wire quality process fully Industry 4.0 compatible.

    BendingStudio XT Software

    The BendingStudio XT software platform is a complete end-to-end solution for tube and wire inspection and production control. The software links all data and processes related to the production of bent parts, from design and process planning to manufacturing and quality control.

    BendingStudio XT is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with an emphasis on metrological processes.


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  • Axles and universal joints
    Axles and universal joints composite for Driven by qualityThe main axles and universal joints play critical roles in transferring power from the engine to the wheels and allowing for smooth rotation and movement contributing to better driving experience and performance.

    Accurate production of these components is essential for reducing friction and energy loss, and for maintaining vehicle stability and control. Even minor discrepancies in axle or joint dimensions can lead to vibrations, imbalance, or even structural failure, posing serious safety risks.

    Typical solution:

    Leitz PMM-C CMM

    The Leitz PMM-C Precision model is configured to achieve the best possible measurement capability using ultra-high precision fixed probe head measurements. This model offers maximum repeatability and form measurement accuracy, even for long or multi-styli configurations in fast single-point probing or variable high-speed scanning procedures.

    HP-S-X5 Probe

    HP-S-X5 range scanning probes offer true 3D probing, making them ideal for inspecting parts like gears, rotors, and blades. On contact with the part, the probe automatically measures normally to the surface. Deflections are measured by high-resolution Linear Variable Differential Transducers (LVDT), allowing accurate compensation of the probe bend, whatever length of stylus is used.

    QUINDOS metrology software

    Powerful enough to handle gear inspection and complex geometry inspection tasks within the most complex and demanding powertrain industries, QUINDOS provides an unrivalled selection of modules and programming capabilities within a highly visual CAD enabled environment:

    • Highest accuracy and repeatability
    • Compliant with industry gear standards
    • Specialised modules for wide range of gear types
    • Fast programme creation in CAD based user interface. 


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  • Body in White and subassemblies
    Three stacked images of the PRESTO System with a screenshot of PC-DMIS and Inspire software for the Body in white and subassemblies solutionBiW and subassembly inspection is essential for ensuring that the vehicle's body structure meets quality standards, dimensional accuracy, and safety requirements before paint is applied before final assembly. Inspection routines examine the unpainted body shell for any defects, dents, scratches, or other irregularities in the metal panels, welds, and seams.

    Precise measurements are taken to ensure that the body components align correctly and meet design specifications. The surface of the body panels is inspected for smoothness, flatness, and uniformity. Any imperfections or surface irregularities that could affect paint adhesion or final appearance are identified for correction.

    Typical solution:

    Presto cell

    The PRESTO System is a modular suite of automated inspection cells that enables a seamless and efficient 3D scanning workflow for inspection of body in white electric vehicles and subassemblies.

    Programmed with intuitive built-in workflows, PRESTO is accessible for users who are non-experts in robotics and metrology. The PRESTO concept is all about simplicity – making it easier for anyone to run the process that delivers the data that makes manufacturing better.

    AS1 Absolute Scanner with Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

    The Presto cell incorporates the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and the Absolute Scanner AS1 – a blue laser line scanner that captures 1.2 million points per second, and enables PRESTO to collect high definition inspection data at very high speed.

    Robotic Automation

    The Presto cell is delivered with HxGN Robotic Automation already installed, only needing the operator to load the CAD / PMI file of the part to be inspected. The software provides real-time collision detection and avoidance tools to ensure safe robot path generation.

    PC-DMIS / Inspire metrology software

    PRESTO seamlessly integrates with leading metrology software packages like PC-DMIS and Inspire.


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  • Headlight housings
    Headlight housings composite for Driven by qualityAccurate production of the plastic housing of the headlight is crucial to guarantee satisfactory luminosity. Transparent plastic parts need to be the right curvature and thickness to ensure correct light dispersion. In addition, the part’s freeform surface requires complete inspection coverage to assure quality. 

    Typical solution:

    Global Optics CMM 

    Equipped with a chromatic white light sensor as standard, GLOBAL Optics is ideal for non-contact measurement of the geometric size and form characteristics of sensitive workpieces that cannot be touched and those with particularly challenging surfaces.

    An indexing probe head provides access to part features from almost any angle and direction, allowing optimal alignment of the chromatic white light sensor to the measured surface. 

    HP-OW chromatic white light sensor

    The HP-OW delivers high accuracy measurement of freeform, transparent materials like headlight housings. The scanner’s excellent acceptance angle ±30° and the articulated probe head provide the necessary flexibility for part access. In addition, the non-contact principles of the HP-OW ensure the housing is not deformed or damaged during measurement.

    In addition, the speed of the HP-OW white light scanner enables more insightful analysis. Users can easily employ an inspection strategy that involves checking multiple sections of the headlight housing, comparing deviations of the real part to the nominal. Because the solution can capture up to 65 000 points per second, a single scan movement can measure multiple curves at once. The width variation, for example, can be automatically evaluated along with the surface deviations.

    PC-DMIS Metrology software

    PC-DMIS is a universal metrology software, providing a complete suite of programming capabilities for the creation and execution of measurement routines.


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  • Flush and gaps
    Flush and gaps composite image for Driven by qualityAchieving proper flush enhances the vehicle's aesthetics and aerodynamics while also preventing issues like water leakage and wind noise. alignment and evenness of adjoining panels or components on a vehicle's exterior. Consistent gap measurements are essential for maintaining structural integrity, proper functionality of moving parts, and overall visual appeal. Narrow and even gaps and high-class fit and finish standards are the hallmarks of a quality car production and assembly process. 

    Hexagon’s dedicated range of automotive flush and gap measurement systems meet vehicle manufacturers’ requirements for the highest accuracy and reliability across the entire process, from product development to serial production. Solutions are available for manual offline, near-line, manual inline and fully-automated inline flush and gap measurement.

    Typical solution [manual]:


    Designed for flush and gap inspection on the moving vehicle production line, the CALIPRI C15 manual inline measurement systems offer continuously accurate results with minimal training. The CALIPRI C15 wireless non-contact inline measurement devices use laser light section technology and support continuous hand-guided gap and flush measurements on a production line.

    Typical solution [automated]:

    Calipri CB20 

    Calipri CB20 is a fully automatic 100 % gap and flush measurement system for the final assembly line and works with any standard industrial or collaborative robot. The solution counters the naturally poor reflectivity of transparent and semi-transparent surfaces by applying an ultra-thin layer of condensed water on the measurement object to create optical contrast. This enhances the optical properties of any surface, making measurements at the highest precision and speed possible. After serving its purpose, the layer disappears within seconds without leaving any residue on the measurement object.


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  • Finished vehicle inspection
    Final body inspection composite for Driven by qualityEnsure that vehicles leaving the manufacturing facility meet quality standards and regulatory requirements. Inspected for overall build quality, fit and finish and alignment of body panels plus seal gap analysis. Inspection of the exterior and interior for defects, damage, or irregularities in paint, body panels, trim, upholstery and other components.


    Typical solution [handheld]:

    Absolute Scanner AS1

    Paired with Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, the Absolute Scanner AS1 is a blue laser line scanner that captures 1.2 million points per second, and is therefore fundamental in collecting high definition inspection data at very high speed.

    Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

    Wirelessly connecting with the AS1 Absolute Scanner, The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a robust, all-in-one laser tracker offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, it is a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning and automated inspection as well as reflector measurement.

    Typical solution [robotic cell]:

    Robotic Automation

    The intuitive, flexible and scalable software solution for robotic inspection cells.

    Hexagon’s automated measurement systems are designed to remove the complexity from the design, installation and operation of robot-based inspection cells so that each one delivers value. Its turnkey solutions provide rich data capture at the point of production with the ease and peace of mind of working with a single vendor.

    PC-DMIS Metrology Software

    PC-DMIS is seamlessly integrated with HxGN Robotic Automation and can be used as the primary metrology software for inspection and analysis within automated cells to significantly increase measurement capacity, repeatability and quality.

    HxGN Robotic Automation scans parts and delivers data to PC-DMIS for analysis and reporting. Single-click synchronisation with part CAD data creates the robot path that will be used for data acquisition and part inspection, reducing the time required for offline programming of robotic measurement programs.


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