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By bringing precision data together in both the real and virtual worlds, Hexagon empowers the makers of aerospace to confidently deliver right first time today, and unlock tomorrow’s game-changing, sustainable innovations

Discover how the right digital transformation strategy leads the way to success in aerospace

The next decade will be one of both great opportunity and significant challenge for the aerospace sector. The sustainability imperative is impelling the entire industry to rethink the way they work in every segment. 
  • In the new space era, technologies are being developed that were once unthinkable – from reusable launchers to robots exploring other planets.
  • In urban mobility, a transport revolution is already on the horizon, with electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) expected to be seen flying above cities by 2030.1
  • In commercial aviation, new lower and zero carbon aircraft are coming to life using revolutionary modes of propulsion such as hydrogen.

At the same time, demand for air travel is expected to boom, with the number of global air passengers projected to nearly double over the next 20 years.2

There has never been a more pressing need to deliver innovation, meet market demand now, and plan for a more sustainable future that continues to connect people, places and markets around the globe.


Effective transformation in a volatile world

In aerospace, precision and quality aren’t just part of the process, they are business critical. Reconciling industry challenges to deliver precision and quality at the highest level necessitates technological innovation. It demands that we rethink the way we design, engineer, produce, control and operate. New materials like advanced composites for lighter aircraft, new processes that enable shorter lead times and more efficient production rates, and new digital technologies such as cloud, automation and AI for smart manufacturing. 

At the heart of it all is data: telling us where we can transform, improve, be more productive and take creativity to new heights. The most innovative companies are already seeing significant gains from the use of data-driven technologies:

  • The digital thread enables a 7%–10% throughput improvement, 25%–40% reduction in labour, and 15%–20% improvement in asset efficiency.
  • 85% of aerospace companies have a plan to leverage the digital thread in the future, and investment in this area is expected to increase in 2023.3
  • 89% of aerospace and defence executives agree that AI is becoming pervasive across their organization’s business processes.
  • 54% of aerospace and defence executives believe the metaverse will have a breakthrough or transformational impact on their organization within the next 4 years.4

Digital transformation offers the potential to turn the ‘what ifs’ into real success. How can you make your data work harder for you to build a more innovative, resilient, and sustainable business?

Hexagon: your partner in transformation 

Hexagon is the aerospace world’s technology partner, helping manufacturers solve today's manufacturing ramp up challenges and enable the innovation on which sustainable aviation depends. We’ve always been known for precision metrology. Today, we bring the same accuracy to the whole production life cycle, fusing the real and virtual worlds to capture and use precision data from design through production to service life. Hexagon enables its partners in aerospace to:

  • Achieve right first time, with digital reality technology that fuses the real with the virtual world for unparalleled precision and efficiency
  • Ensure the highest degree of quality management from concept to take-off
  • Maximise production output while reducing costs, thanks to AI-powered insights and state-of-the-art automation technologies
  • Break down silos and improve collaboration through an open platform and ecosystem, from design and engineering through to maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Empower the next generation of makers with the technology, training and services to achieve greater efficiency and creativity, and power the industry for the century to come
By analysing the critical processes of our customers and providing our unique domain expertise, along with the right combination of hardware and software, we can deliver measurable improvements to the shop floor as well as to innovation teams, and empower the industry to developing the more sustainable and higher-performance aircraft of the future.
Aziz Tahiri
VP Global Aerospace & Defence
Hexagon's Manufactuting Intelligence division
Aziz Tahiri, VP Global Aerospace and Defence, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Today’s ‘right first time’, tomorrow’s game-changing, sustainable innovations

Manufacturing transformation is at the heart of Hexagon’s DNA. Our experience and capabilities have set benchmarks for manufacturing productivity and quality. And now our virtuous circle of end-to-end precision data connects production with design to bring valuable real-world data into upstream decisions. Giving you the insight to bring new products to market faster, optimise workflows and unlock tomorrow’s automated production capabilities, too. 

Collaborate with the data you need to move forward, faster. Test virtually, running thousands of scenarios without waste. And then build with precision – right first time and every time. 

We’re committed to working in partnership with the aerospace industry to bring innovative ideas to life; working towards zero waste, zero product failures and Net Zero alike.

Empower aerospace & defence makers with game changing technologies