Xalt: Intelligence at scale

Xalt: Intelligence at scale

Delivering critical intelligence to Hexagon’s solutions

Xalt: Intelligence at scale

Xalt is a technology platform that enables Hexagon’s solutions to work seamlessly together delivering mission-critical intelligence. It cuts through complexity bringing focus and insight so that innovators can deliver new ideas at speed – accelerating the positive impact of Hexagon’s solutions.

Xalt exists to improve the impact and speed of Hexagon’s technology solutions to:

  • Unite the connective grid that runs between transformative solutions – delivering mission-critical intelligence at scale
  • Solve the force that untangles complex ideas – bringing imagined solutions to life faster than ever before
  • Accelerate the platform that fast-tracks development, accelerating the positive impact of Hexagon’s solutions

Turn complexity to clarity

Xalt brings data together from across multiple technologies – leveraging it to deliver actionable, accurate insight in one place – used by Hexagon and its customers to improve processes, reduce downtime, spot faults and accelerate innovation.

Closing the data gap

Data is an indispensable resource for fostering new value creation and knowledge. Putting data to work improves efficiency, productivity, quality and safety – the antidotes to waste, pollution, diminishing margins, and increased risk. But only a small fraction of data is utilised. Xalt is closing the data leverage gap – ensuring all relevant data delivers actionable insights to the right people at the right time, which makes businesses run better and operate more sustainably.

Who can use Xalt?

Xalt can have a transformative impact across all ecosystems and industries served by Hexagon – from manufacturing, to renewable energy, industrial facilities to buildings and infrastructure. Customers that use Hexagon’s solutions can have these underpinned by Xalt. It is the connective grid that runs between Hexagon solutions, delivering faster and better results.