Hexagon Xalt key visual

A single pane of glass for industrial facilities

Xalt empowers HxGN SDx to break down walls of siloed information, reducing operational risk and increasing asset availability

Hexagon Solution: HxGN SDx

Challenge: Gaining access to and integration of disparate, mission-critical data sources, and acquiring mission-critical insights from the aggregate information

Technology Impact: Xalt empowers HxGN SDx with integration capabilities to a broad range of data sources across Hexagon offerings, 3rd party proprietary interfaces and industry-standard connectors. It offers WYSIWYG capabilities to focus on data that matters serving it natively into InsightView dashboards.

Result: HxGN SDx users gain the ability to quickly view essential operations, maintenance, safety, engineering, reliability and real-time data, such as asset details, recent permits, work orders, j5 operations logbook entries, alarms, process data trends and other key parameters.


Across the manufacturing and process industries, plant workers and executives in related departments struggle with siloed information. Making sense of vast amounts of unstructured data across numerous disconnected systems delays critical decision-making. Alternatively, quick access to crucial information can help industrial enterprises reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, decrease downtime, remove value leaks and meet internal and external compliance.


To meet these information retrieval challenges and help achieve operational excellence, HxGN SDx provides InsightView dashboards that allow users to quickly view essential operations, maintenance, safety, engineering and real-time data. HxGN SDx InsightView is a configurable widget-based dashboard that shows relevant user role-based information on “a single pane of glass.” Users can quickly view asset details, unit tags, open change requests, recent permits, work orders, j5 operations logbook entries, alarms, process data trends and live video feeds on one screen. Widgets are interactive, allowing users to make data-driven decisions, drill-down into the details of various data sources and analyse holistic information related to their role.

Xalt is a technology platform that enables Hexagon’s solutions to work seamlessly together, leveraging all relevant data and delivering mission-critical intelligence at scale. It provides HxGN SDx InsightView with low-code interface capabilities to multiple systems, databases and machines. It provides a highly configurable no-code business rules engine to solve enterprise-level integration challenges.​ Its WYSIWYG interface enables real-time debugging and error tracing. Redundancy and load-balancing enable deployments in mission-critical environments where permanent availability is a must.​ ​In order to support the various deployment topologies, it can be deployed almost anywhere from the cloud to the edge or within a DMZ. State-of-the-art security and encryption allow it to operate seamlessly within existing policies and setups. Its event-based mode of operation makes efficient use of computing resources and scales throughout a variety of resource-constrained and unconstrained environments.

"The Xalt platform enables real-time access to information that is typically not managed by SDx, such as Workorders, logbook entries and data historians. Xalt reduces the need for customisation when connecting to critical systems and integrating their information into SDx. The combination of the Xalt platform and HxGN SDx InsightView allows customers to maximise the value of their digital twin and consolidates their asset's intelligence into a single view."

Sascha Antvogel
Executive Product Manager
Hexagon ALI

XALT scales and accelerates innovation through applied AI, IoT-empowered Hexagon sensors, enterprise-ready applications and mobile apps, data-integrations across systems and solutions.

Seamless connectivity anywhere in the network, across digital and physical boundaries including the Edge. By empowering Hexagon’s solutions to do more, Xalt is helping to future-proof customers’ technology – accelerating Hexagon’s mission to empower an autonomous sustainable future.

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