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Eliminating root causes of machine downtime

Discover how Xalt helps to increase availability by identifying and eliminating root causes of machine downtime.

Hexagon Solution: Machine Downtime Tagging

Challenge: Ensure equipment availability by identifying and correcting the painful root causes of loss in production operations.

Technology Impact: Xalt empowers Hexagon’s Downtime Tagging with integration and enterprise application capabilities across machines, production lines, plants and facilities. It captures data across machines and production lines by integrating with ERPs, historians, quality systems and more. The mobile capabilities enable customised and consistent downtime tags and reports filed, eliminating guesswork by uncovering hidden losses.

Result: With Downtime Tagging, you get consistent and accurate insights that drive impactful corrective actions, improving your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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Downtime Tagging is a tailored, mobile solution that delivers layers of detail at your discretion, seamlessly integrates with your ERP, feeds into a native analytics tool and eliminates the need for dual entry. Move beyond inefficient paper-based downtime codes! Our solution lets you elevate machine operators and their observations by giving them ownership and autonomy to provide valuable insights. You’ll capture the full picture of what’s happening to your machines and why, preventing future losses while protecting your revenue and reputation.

Downtime Tagging key benefits:

  • Enrich sensor and machine data sets with real-time operator insight.
  • Reduce non-value-added work with immediate line-side tagging.
  • Eliminate the guesswork by uncovering hidden losses.
  • Enrich digital downtime data records right on your machine.
  • Highlight root causes to understand losses related to downtime.
  • Eliminate paperwork and time-consuming data entry.
  • Track process-related downtime, even without PLC connectivity.
  • Feed and train your machine-learning engine for predictable outcomes.
  • Ensure data integrity with timely and consistent downtime tags.
  • Complete the tag in as little as three to five seconds on any device.
  • Get full integration with ERPs, historians, quality management systems, etc.

Xalt is Hexagon’s technology platform that enables Hexagon’s solutions to work seamlessly together, leveraging all relevant data and delivering mission-critical intelligence at scale. It provides Downtime Tagging with interface capabilities to connect multiple systems such as ERPs, historians, quality management systems, PLC connectivity, and a highly configurable no-code business rules engine to solve enterprise-level integration challenges.​ Its WYSIWYG interface enables real-time debugging and error tracing. Redundancy and load-balancing enable deployments in mission-critical environments where permanent availability is a must.​ ​This data is structured and served natively via the mobile capabilities into mobile applications or production-floor dashboards. By capturing downtime tags with tailored workflows specific to the product type, consistent downtime information is captured and labels these events. Based on this previously unknown data, operations can make educated decisions on investments and optimizations across lines, plants and facilities increasing overall OEE.

"Increasing OEE is one of the top priorities of high-volume manufacturers. Our solutions solve this challenge by providing real-time production line data while issuing downtime alerts when equipment stops working. This is proving invaluable for our customers to help identify productivity bottlenecks and quickly ascertain the root causes. We’ve observed productivity increases of around $1 mm per month with fully deployed solutions in an average-sized plant."

Dr. Asif Rana
Xalt Solutions

XALT scales and accelerates innovation through applied AI, IoT-empowered Hexagon sensors, enterprise-ready applications and mobile apps, data integrations across systems and solutions.

Seamless connectivity anywhere in the network, across digital and physical boundaries including the Edge. By empowering Hexagon’s solutions to do more, Xalt is helping to future-proof customers’ technology – accelerating Hexagon’s mission to empower an autonomous sustainable future.

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