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Streamlining agricultural operations with HxGN AgrOn

Xalt enables HxGN AgrOn Control Room enables centralised monitoring and management of all agricultural operations.

Hexagon Solution: HxGN AgrOn Control Room

Challenge: Integrate real-time data from a customers' ERP system to streamline the supply chain from harvesting to transportation of crops back to the industry.

Technology Impact: Xalt empowers HxGN AgrOn Control Room with integration capabilities to customer’s ERP systems acquiring logistics and production demand data and supporting 3rd party on-board guidance systems for trucks to transport crop from the field to the industry. It offers WYSIWYG capabilities to focus on data that matters serving it natively into InsightView dashboards.

Result: Data management, logistics and analysis solutions—leveraging data across the entire crop lifecycle of agricultural and forestry operations—from preparation to planting, cultivation to harvest—ensuring efficient field operations that align to plan, optimise yield and maximise profitability.


AgrOn Control Room continuously receives data from production locations enabling centralised monitoring and management of all operations. Its easy-to-use interface allows managers to see maps and reports, with real-time alerting to anomalies, incidents, machine performance issues, and any deviation from the cultivation plan to enable timely intervention. AgrOn Control Room works across a wide array of different types of operations and integrates with existing third-party hardware and software.



  • Views operations and equipment through georeferenced maps
  • Generates reports of operating times and stops, productivity, and yields
  • Displays start and end time of operations, detailing all data sensed on the machines
  • Notifications and alerts for processes to flow with maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Constant monitoring between planned activities and executed operations
  • Produces decision trees, with a script of standard procedures to be followed under certain circumstances and problems
  • Ability to work with the Ti5, Ti7, and Ti10 displays
  • Features add-on modules to cultivation, soil preparation, planting, logistics, and harvesting operations


  • Tracks hours worked
  • Provides real-time information
  • Monitors all machines and equipment
  • Increases operations efficiency

"Xalt provides one of the central components of our AgrOn platform, in charge of executing real-time data integration from our client's legacy systems. Its adoption has reduced the need for coding and customising our product to meet client demands and has lowered implementation project cycle times. The range of different protocols and configurations supported by Xalt tools enables our product to be used in any systemic structure adopted by our customers."

~ Alexandre Alencar
CPO Hexagon Agriculture

Xalt is Hexagon’s technology platform that enables our solutions to work seamlessly together, leveraging all relevant data and delivering mission-critical intelligence at scale. It provides HxGN AgrOn Control Room with interface capabilities to connect to customer ERP systems, feeding demand data directly into the AgrOn cloud platform with a highly configurable no-code business rules engine to solve enterprise-level integration challenges. Its WYSIWYG interface enables real-time debugging and error tracing. Redundancy and load-balancing enable deployments in mission-critical environments where permanent availability is a must.

It deploys pre-defined and optimized driving routes to 3rd party onboard guidance and navigation systems by leveraging data conversion to proprietary route planning formats, extending the reach of AgrOn Guidance across vendors.

XALT scales and accelerates innovation through applied AI, IoT empowered Hexagon sensors, enterprise-ready applications and mobile apps, data-integrations across systems and solutions.

Seamless connectivity anywhere in the network, across digital and physical boundaries including the Edge. By empowering Hexagon’s solutions to do more, Xalt is helping to future-proof customers’ technology – accelerating Hexagon’s mission to empower an autonomous sustainable future.

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