Hexagon introduces HxGN EAM Databridge Pro, a module for enhanced data integration

7 February 2024

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division today announced the release of HxGN EAM Databridge Pro, a new middleware and integration broker module.

HxGN EAM Databridge Pro represents the next evolution in enterprise asset management technology from Hexagon. Powered by Apache NiFi, a leading open-source data flow automation platform, Databridge Pro provides enhanced data integration capabilities by introducing new features for configuring data pipelines, managing endpoint connections and providing better visibility for efficient troubleshooting and debugging.

Databridge Pro empowers users across an organisation, from data architects and engineers to system administrators and operators. It caters to two distinct personas: those that shape the data landscape and those responsible for the smooth operation of systems. This dual-focus approach significantly reduces errors and unexpected outcomes in the integration processes, allowing users to concentrate on their core strengths.

“This new technology allows vital data to persist throughout an organisation. The low-code/no-code platform lets users easily connect many disparate systems into one industry-leading tool, HxGN EAM. Understanding the health of assets and allocation of labor resources has never been so easy to analyze,” said Peter Bynarowicz, Senior Strategy Enablement Consulting Lead, Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division.

Databridge Pro is comprised of three main components:

Dataflow Studio: A user-friendly interface for secure, custom data flows between EAM and enterprise systems with versatile connection options.

The Endpoint Catalog: A centralised registry for configuring and managing essential application connections, seamlessly integrated within HxGN EAM for a user-friendly experience. The Endpoint Catalog ensures synchronisation between Dataflow Studio and EAM changes, such as adding or removing fields, tables or business objects.

360 Transaction View: A comprehensive, EAM-integrated overview of Business Object Document (BOD) message journeys in integration flows, enhancing visibility and offering detailed insights for troubleshooting and operational management.

Key benefits of Databridge Pro include:

  • Enterprise integration – HxGN EAM often needs to integrate data with various sources including external systems/applications, suppliers, IoT devices, etc. Databridge Pro serves as the integration layer, allowing organisations to easily streamline and automate data pipelines between HxGN EAM and other sources. It supports a range of connections to common platforms and systems used alongside EAM.
  • Data transformation, routing and distribution – Perform a wide variety of data processing to meet business or system specific integration requirements such as data transformation, format validation or conversion, content or other criteria-based routing, metadata enrichment, and general migration or movement between systems.
  • Real-Time Processing – Data are processed in real-time as it moves through the pipeline, enhancing data accuracy, timelines and completeness. This offers immediate insights, enables informed decisions and proactive actions, as well as improved operational efficiencies and performances for an organisation.
  • Addresses a wide range of challenges related to asset management, maintenance, compliance, supply chain optimisation, quality control and more, through flexible, scalable and real-time data integrations between HxGN EAM and critical systems.

To find out more about Databridge Pro and how it can help achieve your data integration goals, visit hexagon.com/products/hxgn-eam-databridge-pro or contact Hexagon today.

Jerry Felts, Global Communications Manager/Influencer Relations Specialist
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