Ryoyu Systems introduces scFLOW thermo-fluid analysis software to evaluate its performance of aircraft aerodynamics analysis

16 June 2023

Ryoyu Systems Co., Ltd. has introduced scFLOW, one of Cradle CFD computational fluid dynamics software tools from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence division, for the purpose of evaluating and studying its performance of aircraft aerodynamics analysis.

scFLOW can accurately represent complex geometries using unstructured meshes to efficiently solve various problems regarding aerodynamics in aerospace and automobiles, supersonic flows, performance of rotating equipment such as fans and pumps, thermal design of electronic equipment, multiphase flow phenomena, propeller cavitation in ships, etc.

In the engineering industry, where technological innovation occurs in a rapid pace, Ryoyu Systems regards analysis and design engineering as crucial work that directly relates to “manufacturing” with a significant impact on the competitiveness of products. From this viewpoint, the company has long conducted analysis solution services such as analyses focusing on aerodynamics/structure of aerocrafts, spacecrafts, engines, and mechanical equipment, and crash/shock analysis of automobiles, as well as CAD-based design services and development of systems for design efficiency.

Ryoyu Systems introduced scFLOW for this evaluation study based on the proven superiority of the product, which the company has realized through more than 30 years of continuous use of simulation software from MSC Software, a member of the Hexagon group.

For some time now, Ryoyu Systems has been conducting aerodynamic analysis of the flow field around an aircraft, both partially and wholly, using general-purpose software. In recent years, the company has aimed to perform aerodynamic analysis more accurately than with conventional software for increasingly more complex airframe geometries to reduce costly and time-consuming testing. For this purpose, Ryoyu Systems introduced scFLOW to evaluate its performance and efficiency.

Hexagon also provides multidisciplinary simulation solutions. In aircraft cases, for example, there is usually not much structural deformation; however, critical issues related to strength or heat may arise depending on conditions. For these problems, the results of scFLOW analysis can be input into MSC Nastran, structural analysis software, to perform thermal stress analysis or structural analysis. The results of the structural analysis further the scFLOW to perform two-way coupled analysis. We expect to be able to continuously improve our solutions by performing such analyses that have brought negative results in efficiency in the past. We are also looking at the possibility of fluid-MBD (multi body dynamics) coupled analysis using Adams, MBD analysis software, and scFLOW.

Mr. Jun Ogino, Director, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Aerospace Engineering Solution Division of Ryoyu Systems Co.,Ltd., said, “In this evaluation study, it took a lot of effort to generate more detailed mesh for a highly accurate analysis. From this experience, we hope that scFLOW will have a function that makes it easier to generate mesh for more accurate analyses with simpler operation and will support analyses that use meshes generated by other products.”

Analyzed geometry:NASA-CRM
Polyhedral mesh
number of nodes:81,941,438
number of elements:21,091,497

Analyzed geometry:NASA-CRM
Surface pressure contours
(M=0.847, α=2.94)

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