Management and analysis technology will be Hexagon’s highlights in Expoforest 2023

25 July 2023

Florianópolis, Brazil

Five years after the last edition, Expoforest 2023 will gather the top novelties in technology for the industry. Considered the largest dynamic forestry fair in Latin America and one of the most important in the world, it will be held in São Paulo countryside, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, between August 9 and 11 and projects a movement of BRL 500 million in business. Among the highlights in solutions for the area are the management and analysis software of Hexagon’s Agriculture division. The company develops technology focused in enhancing and integrating the forest processes, ensuring more precision and efficiency. Until year 2022, Hexagon’s solutions were responsible for monitoring over 5.2 million hectares in planted fields worldwide. 

According to Ronaldo Soares, Forestry Manager of Hexagon Agriculture division, management and analysis are the two top demands of the industry. “In agriculture, the focus is hardware, producers have great interest for onboard controllers, in real-time operation management, because the cycle is short, and often, the time to stop and analyse applies to the next cycle. As for the forestry industry, the focus is entirely different. Since the cycle is much longer, the forest is planted for cropping in 7 or 8 years, you need much better analysis and management processes”, he explains. 

These technologies allows collecting forest data and turn it into intelligent information, allowing for optimal planning, efficient execution, precise machine control and automated work flows. Examples of that are machine-monitoring solutions: with the support of sensors and onboard controllers installed in the forestry machines, it is possible to monitor and adjust processes in real-time as they are happening. The systems provide detailed reports with machine yield and behavior indicators, productivity, worked area, distance covered, speed, among others.

As for management software, it allows analysing this data for solving problems and enhancing processes, resulting in more productivity and profit. HxGN AgrOn Operational Management, for example, is able to create customised reports based on data automatically sent by forest operation displays. “They provide information such as maps for visualising the characteristics of the operation, charts with performance indicators and tools for analysing georeferenced information”, underscores Ronaldo. Another differentiator pointed out by him is the flexibility of the solution relative to customization and integration to other systems. “The forest market does not require an off-the-shelf solution; it wants a solution that can be customised according to the basic needs and characteristics of the company”.

During Expoforest, visitors will have the opportunity to test the software on site and even suggesting modifications. The proposal matches the profile of the event: different of most agricultural fairs, Expoforest is not only an exhibit. Visitors, in addition to participating in the program that includes seminars and meetings of the industry, have the opportunity to observe the machines in operation. Held in a 200-hectare eucalyptus forest, in addition to launching technology, the fair is also projected to present dynamics in silviculture, demonstrations of machines, drones and other equipment.

Sustainability in the spotlight
Sustainability and the smarter use of land will also be important themes in the event. Technology has also been an ally on this matter, which became a priority to the companies in the industry. With the support of management tools, for example, one can analyse the total input applied (in kg/ha)— whether fertilisers, herbicides, pest control or any other type of substance for forest implantation and maintenance. “Based on that, it is possible to assess whether there was over or underuse, what was the deviation percentage, whether any re-application action will be necessary and so forth. With the support of this tool, as well as of spray controllers, it is possible to reduce the use of agrochemicals and avoid waste”, explains Hexagon’s manager.  

Advances and challenges
Since the last year the fair was held, in 2018, progress in development of technology and increased interest from companies in solutions for boosting productivity had a substantial increase. According to Ronaldo, during this interval, new solutions arose, many startups and the forestry companies themselves evolved greatly in terms of technology. However, some technological gaps still persist, such as connectivity. "Brazil has a big network structure problem, and that is the main challenge to the forestry market. Data transfer solution alternatives are very expensive, since forest areas are very large and scattered, whereby installing one tower on each site is unfeasible”, he explains.

Nonetheless, the country remains a great reference in the industry for the rest of the world, not only due to its ability to produce more using less area (eucalyptus productivity reached its highest level since 2014, reaching 38.9 m³/ha/year in 2021, according to Instituto Brasileiro de Árvores), but also due to the management model. “Several of our contacts in the industry in other countries are making arrangements and forming Vgroups to visit the fair. We are expecting record-setting attendance, without a shadow of a doubt, in addition to many closed deals”, projects Ronaldo.

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