Hexagon introduces HxGN MineMeasure to maximise ore recovery

13 September 2021

Hexagon AB, a global leader in digital reality solutions, today announced the launch of HxGN MineMeasure, a tailored solution combining blast design software, high-precision drilling, blast movement monitoring, fragmentation analysis and enterprise analytics. Backed by a consultative team of dedicated technical experts, MineMeasure brings accuracy and precision to every step of the drill and blast (D&B) process with the potential to save companies millions of dollars.

MineMeasure drives excellence and focuses on the incremental improvements that ultimately lead to elite performance, putting data to work in the delivery of high-value ore. It empowers customers with a data-driven feedback loop, calibrated to increase profit from every blast while minimising ore loss.

“Improving ore recovery by even just one per cent can mean millions of dollars for a mine,” said Hexagon President and CEO, Ola Rollén. “Not only does MineMeasure address the small, compounding errors that lead to costly consequences throughout the notoriously complex D&B cycle, but also it addresses sustainability of precious resources — as ore grades decline everywhere, mines are digging more earth for less ore.”

MineMeasure’s proven mine planning software allows creation of blast designs by incorporating geology properties from the block model, the simplified representation of an ore body. Machine-guided, high-precision drills execute the blast plan while integrated blast movement sensor and software technology accurately tracks the blast to minimize loss (unintentionally sending ore to a waste dump) and dilution (unintentionally sending waste to the mill). Advanced image-analysis techniques ensure that fragmentation is managed and optimised.

MineMeasure’s holistic approach delivers scrutiny and transparency in every step of the ore extraction journey. It incorporates a vibration monitoring system and slope stability analysis, supporting the safety of employees as well as the planned value of the pit. Greater collaboration between teams and insight into costs and opportunities to increase ore recovery means that each blast is smarter than the last.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Luthstrom, Head of Sustainability and Investor Relations, Hexagon AB, +46 8 601 26 27, ir@hexagon.com
Kristin Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer, Hexagon AB, +1 404 554 0972, media@hexagon.com

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