Hexagon at Agrishow 2018

11 April 2018

A new solution that optimises cultivation processes will be Hexagon's big launch at Agrishow 2018, which takes place in Ribeirão Preto between 30 April and 4 May. The software takes advantage of data collected in real time, optimising resources in the allocation of machines, the use of seedlings, seeds and inputs, and reducing the unproductive time of operations. The tool also assists in the monitoring and centralised control of information to reduce costs and maximise efficiency in the field.

The integrated solution, aimed at companies and agricultural industries, is part of a series of tools developed by Hexagon. The Swedish multinational company is a worldwide reference in proposing productivity-enhancing features, bringing the intelligent digital reality to the field with IT solutions that drive efficiency. "This solution will help us reach new levels of cultivation and efficiency while representing the most advanced agricultural technology in the world. With that, we decided to have the official launch at Agrishow, one of the biggest events in the sector," points out the president of Hexagon Agriculture, Bernardo de Castro.

At Agrishow, Hexagon will also pre-launch a platform especially for OEM companies - a technology that offers a flexible, powerful, and agnostic solution for integrating Tractor Maple Computers with agricultural machines and implements into a single interface.

At the Hexagon booth, the public will be able to check out the Onboard Controllers Ti5 and Ti7, which have the functions of Fertilisation Control, Auto Steering, and Spray Control, and which also have a remote support service. You will also be able to learn more about HxGN AgrOn Logistics, a solution that helps industries plan, manage, monitor, analyse, and optimise the complex logistics processes that are essential for harvest, transshipping, and transportation.

This is the 9th time that Hexagon Agriculture is participating in Agrishow. The technology fair is the largest in Latin America and one of the largest in the world. Known as the showcase for trends and innovations in agribusiness, Agrishow focuses on rural producers and reaches 159 thousand visitors.

About Hexagon

Hexagon is a global leader in digital solutions that create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), a state where data is connected seamlessly through the convergence of the physical world with the digital, and intelligence is built-in to all processes.

Hexagon’s Agriculture division brings the smart digital reality to the industry. Its solutions provide the complete view of the operations, optimising processes, maximising resources and increasing profits. Our technologies convert data into intelligent information that enables smart planning, efficient execution, precise machine controls and automated workflows that optimise operations and increase profits. Our innovations are fuelled by a team of passionate people with deep domain knowledge of the industry. Learn more at hexagonagriculture.com or follow @HexAgriculture.

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