Intergraph NetWorks Extends the Utility Network Model Across the Enterprise

30 March 2016

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, March 30, 2016

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has launched Intergraph NetWorks, a flexible software suite that provides utilities and communications companies with secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. Easy to configure and powerful to use, Intergraph NetWorks unlocks value in existing geospatial investments. It enhances the reach, quality and currency of enterprise information, while improving business processes and capabilities.

Intergraph NetWorks helps address an important need for companies that manage electric, gas, telecommunications and water networks andservices: the ability to exploit network information more extensively. By leveraging web services to simplify the development and maintenance of interfaces, integrations and task-oriented portal and mobile applications, Intergraph NetWorksconnects the enterprise to the Intergraph G/Technology network model, making it available and usable wherever needed -- by planners, call center staff, operationscenter personnel, field crews and even customers.

“Intergraph NetWorks greatly increases the value businesses can derive from existing geospatial investments. It extends their reach beyond the core users – making the network model more accessible and more useable,” said Dan Retzer, senior vice president of global product development, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. “With access to this information, companies can improve business agility, making more informed, quicker decisions. They can better adapt to changing needs and requirements. Notably, this also helps reduce costs, errors and delays in maintaining and sharing data, improving productivity for both IT and operational tasks.”

Intergraph NetWorks leverages the network model and business rules established in Intergraph G/Technology, a product suite that enables operators to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing their facility network and its connectivity. Intergraph NetWorks establishes a foundation of standards-based web services that provide the widest range of users and software to access, visualize, update and add network data. It offers far greater flexibility and choice than web mapping and mobile GIS tools in how data and functionality are accessed and deployed and provides a range of critical enterprise capabilities out-of-the-box. By connecting users across the enterprise with the network model and supporting new applications, Intergraph NetWorks increases the value of network data, while reducing costs.

The product suite includes Intergraph NetWorks Portal and Intergraph NetWorks Mobile. Intergraph NetWorks Portal quickly configures and deploys websites that combine reliable and up-to-date network engineering and operational information with rich capabilities, giving users the ability to browse, visualize, analyze, update and add network data. Through a configurable and easy-to-use interface, Intergraph NetWorks Portal provides a more complete information picture that is specific to business functions and users across the enterprise and beyond.

Intergraph NetWorks Mobile deploys task-oriented apps on consumer mobile devices that securely connect the field to current and authoritative network information. With tools that are more usable by more personnel, Intergraph NetWorks Mobile improves adoption rates and reduces the total cost of ownership for field solutions by leveraging the ubiquity of consumer mobile platforms. Intergraph NetWorks and Intergraph NetWorks Portal are available now, while Intergraph NetWorks Mobile will be available in mid-2016.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps utilities and communications companies achieve greater reliability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and fulfill the expectations of customers, shareholders and regulators. A pioneer in the development and application of location-based technology, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure provides solutions to hundreds of utilities and communications customers around the globe, supporting network engineering, network operations, customer services, sales and marketing and physical security.

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