Utilization of authorization to repurchase own shares

14 November 2008

The Annual General Meeting 5 May 2008 in Hexagon AB authorized the Board of Directors to purchase the company's own shares for the purpose of among other things giving the Board the possibility to adapt the company's capital structure and of enabling the financing of acquisitions. The authorization to repurchase totals a maximum of ten per cent of all outstanding shares in the company.

The company's Board has today decided to utilize this authorization. The shares will be purchased on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm at the stock exchange price applicable at the time of the acquisition. Purchases can be made until the Annual General Meeting on 6 May 2009. However, no acquisitions are intended to be made during a 30-day period prior to the announcement of the interim report, the day of announcement included.

Currently, Hexagon does not own any own shares. The total number of outstanding shares in Hexagon is currently 265 519 770, whereby 11 812 500 are series A-shares and 253 707 270 series B-shares, and the maximum number of shares which can be repurchased is consequently 26 551 977.

Hexagon AB is a global measurement technologies company with strong market positions. Hexagon's mission is to develop and market leading technologies and services to measure in one, two or three dimensions, to position and update objects and to time processes. The group has about 8 000 employees in 35 countries and net sales of about 13 000 MSEK. Read more at www.hexagon.se.

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