gigaAnt and Mobilisys working together on antenna solutions for mobile Internet

29 November 2000

gigaAnt and Mobilisys (subsidiary of Hexagon Wireless) working together on antenna solutions for mobile Internet gigaAnt AB will be supplying Mobilisys with several types of antenna for both Bluetooth and GSM. Intensive development work is underway between the companies in order to ensure the function and launch of products for the mobile Internet. gigaAnt focused on Bluetooth antennas at an early stage and supports customers with measuring and testing in one of the world's best equipped laboratories for developing antennas. Mobile Internet has huge potential The market potential for mobile Internet products and services is huge. It is estimated that by 2003 the number of subscribers with access to mobile packet data networks will have reached 200 million globally. The value of data-based terminals for packet data is estimated to increase to SEK 250 billion by 2004. All transmitters and receivers need antennas and their design, quality and position are crucial to the function of the whole digital system. "With gigaAnt as our partner for antenna technology in wireless communication and the mobile Internet, short lead times are guaranteed," says Ric Roetering, gigaAnt's deputy managing director. "Antenna technology is a vital part of our terminal design for multi- access to various radio networks," says Mobilisys' managing director Helge Tiainen. "We see the partnership as an important cornerstone of our whole systems concept." gigaAnt AB gigaAnt is a start-up company with a focus on optimum antenna solutions for the 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Within three years the company aims to become the preferred antenna partner worldwide for companies moving into Bluetooth technology. gigaAnt was founded by Moteco, one of the world's leading manufacturers of antennas for mobile phones, with customers such as Ericsson, Siemens and Philips. For more than 35 years Moteco has been developing and manufacturing antennas. Both gigaAnt and Moteco are part of Hexagon Wireless, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Hexagon) and has an annual turnover of SEK 6 billion. Mobilisys AB Mobilisys develops terminal and system products and services for next generation mobile technology. The first product range supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Services), the first packet radio system to allow effective Internet services. For more information contact: Patrik Byhmer Helge Tiainen Director Marketing & Sales Managing Director gigaAnt AB Mobilisys AB Tel: +46 (0)70 3572164 +46 (0)733 17 39 40 Information is also available on the companies' websites:

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