Xalt Solutions division

Hexagon’s Xalt Solutions division accelerates your digital transformation with tailored solutions, solving digitalisation and integration challenges. Ideal for any industry, solutions built on Xalt transform the user experience by connecting workers in real time. Our solutions enable customers to digitalise their operations and streamline their critical business processes.

Who we are

Partners on your digital journey

Hexagon’s Xalt Solutions division enables customers of all types to overcome their digitalisation and integration challenges with simple, tailored solutions that improve operations and empower their workforce. Every solution we deliver is built atop of Hexagon’s powerful Xalt platform, which helps streamline your critical business processes and accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging machine and sensor data, enterprise integration, IoT data, cloud orchestration, data visualisation, built-in mobility, intelligent edge connectivity and artificial intelligence.

Our robust and scalable technologies help fast-track a customer’s ability to adopt the most efficient, data-driven operational processes to improve their business.


To fulfil the high demands of manufacturing, our user-friendly solutions are building blocks of the true smart factory, enabling you to drive velocity and control quality at all stages of the process.

  • Execution and traceability/production tracking – Xalt Solutions enables the convergence of human, machine and IT data services to accurately track and report production to ensure it stays in an optimal state.
  • Quality – We deliver quality management systems specialising in simple data collection and providing actionable insights in real time.
  • Reliability – Our connected worker solutions empower a more efficient reliability team through machine-monitoring notifications and digital work orders that integrate with systems of record.
  • Safety – From safety observations to incident reports, safety solutions built on Xalt adapt to each unique environment.


To solve difficult construction challenges, our solutions streamline information flow across the enterprise to ensure optimal use of your major resources: labour, materials, assets, data and time.

  • Production tracking/progress tracking – We provide simple digital workflows to track what is happening on every job on a daily basis, driving key performance indicators and process adherence.
  • Timekeeping – We deliver simple timekeeping solutions to enable project-based timekeeping phase codes, time and materials and back-office data collection, integrated with ERP or payroll.
  • Materials – Our solutions facilitate material requisitions from the initial request made in the field, through purchasing, on to the receiving and allocation of materials to the field.
  • Tools and assets – We offer digital workflows that track, request and maintain large and small assets.
  • HR/manpower – Xalt Solutions' HR software enables orderly maintenance of staffing procedures and key performance indicators.
  • Safety – Xalt Solutions' safety software promotes orderly maintenance of staffing procedures and key performance indicators.

Field services

  • Connected worker – Our connected worker solutions provide the right information at the right time to field workers, increasing tool time while reducing meantime to repair and overall cost of ownership. For field service organisations, we reduce the work-order completion to invoice time, reducing administration time and improving cash flow.


What we do

Optimising your critical business processes

We solve industry problems utilizing a state-of-the-art digital toolset that fully leverages cloud-native and mobile-firs technologies. Our solutions enable customers to digitalise their operations and streamline their critical business processes.

Adapting to your ideal business processes, IOT data and systems of record, these digitalized processes provide complete value chain analysis thus identifying and solving productivity issues as they happen, in real-time, anywhere from the machine sensors to the production floor to field services. With our deep domain knowledge combined with the powerful Xalt platform, the solutions we create are highly configurable to fit your unique operational workflows.

We offer a customisable portfolio of industry-specific digital workflows, coupling digital business processes with enterprise and machine data, enabling organisations to build the best possible procedures for the manufacturing shop floor, field services and connected job sites for construction.

We are your connection to the digital future.

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