Luciad Education Programme



Create foundations for next-generation geospatial solutions

Are you looking to teach your students leading-edge capabilities at the forefront of technology? It’s no longer enough to simply see the data in real time. Predictive analysis is the next step in making smarter and faster decisions.

Luciad solutions visualize and analyze objects that move and change on the Earth’s surface – planes, trains, ships, people movement, infrastructure, and more. These high-performance visualization and analysis solutions are interoperable with other systems, technology, and data. Taking 2D and 3D information, this technology adds 4D through connections to live sensor feeds as they monitor moving objects, then adds 5D through real-time visualization and analysis of the sensor data to immediately calculate and deliver information.


Luciad Portfolio tools are especially suitable for projects in graduate-level computer science and engineering, civil engineering, mathematics, computational science, and research concentrations. Typical research initiatives where Luciad technology can provide rapid application development include big data and visualization, visual analytics research, unmanned vehicles and systems, operations research, smart cities research, and smart farming capabilities.

Because the Luciad portfolio is delivered as Application Programming Interface (API), users are assumed to have a background in computer science.

  • For LuciadLightspeed application – basic operational Java knowledge is needed, including Java syntax, object-oriented principles and specific terminology as well as experience with a Java IDE, for example, IntelliJ, Eclipse
  • For LuciadFusion application – basic operational Java knowledge is needed only if the software needs to be customized. Default set-up is via point and click.
  • For LuciadRIA application – basic JavaScript knowledge is strongly recommended. Alternatively, Java knowledge and the technical proficiency to immediately acquire operational knowledge of a new programming language is also enough.

Subscription editions

Luciad Educational Program package offers Luciad desktop, server, or browser solutions. This package consists of annual subscription packages and developer licenses to:

  • LuciadLightspeed (Advanced tier) - Visualize large volumes of tracks of any type of asset – from troops, ships, trucks, and planes to individuals or RFID-tagged pallets or goods – instantly
  • LuciadFusion (Advanced tier) - Store and manage data intelligently, process a multitude of data formats, and feed data to numerous applications
  • LuciadRIA (Essential tier) - Build a standards-based interoperable web-based solution that displays in 2D and 3D
  • 1 subscription package with 1 developer license of LuciadLightspeed, LuciadFusion, or LuciadRIA (maintenance included)
  • 1 subscription package with 10 developer licenses of LuciadLightspeed, LuciadFusion, or LuciadRIA (maintenance included)

Project examples

  • Detect patterns in traffic and be alerted to unexpected behavior
  • Explore Twitter feeds for trend analysis and security of big events
  • Visualize weather data with temporal information and quickly browse changing weather conditions through time
  • Display critical elevation data in high resolution 3D
  • Handle real-time dynamic data, such as flights, vessels, or people with tens of thousands of moving assets
  • Deal with data and maps in different projections, including 2D polar projections and 3D, without extract-transform-load (ETL) processing

Situational awareness is crucial

Explore best-of-class visualization, data fusion, and advanced data processing and analysis with Luciad technology.

Seamless data sharing

Our Luciad Portfolio Team participated in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) study on the benefits of geospatial standards and efficient polar data exchange.

Amusement park movements

Watch the flow of visitors within a theme park to experience Luciad Portfolio’s replaying and analysis capabilities firsthand.

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