POSC/Caesar, ISO 15926, and Fiatech

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division has been an active member of POSC/Caesar and delivered the first ever POSC/Caesar data warehouse in 1997. POSC/Caesar initiated the development of the ISO 15926 standard "Integration of life-cycle data for process plants oil and gas production facilities,"  and its SmartPlant® Enterprise integrated solutions support ISO 15926. The underlying SmartPlant Foundation data model has shared a common basis with ISO 15926 Part 2 since their joint origins and has evolved reflecting the ongoing development of this standard. You can find more information about POSC/Caesar here and ISO15926 here.

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division has been involved in several joint industry initiatives on ISO 15926 implementation under the auspices of Fiatech, a global community of capital facilities stakeholders working together to drive productivity and efficiency improvements by advancing technology and innovative practices. These initiatives have included cross-vendor Proteus and iRing initiatives for which an employee received a Superior Technical Achievement Award (STAR) by Fiatech.

In addition to our support for ISO 15926 in our IM tools, SmartPlant Interop Publisher reads ISO15926 files for conversion to our 3D format for use in our 3D tools, and SmartPlant P&ID saves P&ID data into ISO15926 compliant .xml file.