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The Hexagon Elite Awards

Submissions for the 2024 Hexagon Elite Awards are now open! Each year, Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division is proud to select champions of innovation and progress through the Hexagon Elite Awards.

We can’t wait to celebrate your success! Winners will receive:

  • An engraved award
  • A complimentary pass to Hexagon LIVE Global in Las Vegas in 2025 or a regional Hexagon LIVE pass for 2024

Have a success you would like to share?

We will be accepting submissions through May 10th, 2024. Review submission details and submit your story here.

We will recognise winners aligned with the Smart Digital Reality ™, a unified, role-based, real-time view of the physical and digital realities across your project and asset portfolio. This accelerates data velocity across the asset lifecycle to enable improved collaboration and smarter decision-making that increases productivity, operational integrity and sustainability of industrial facilities. It is fueled by the Digital Backbone, our engine for interoperability, intelligence and innovation that connects data across the entire industrial asset lifecycle, enabling you to achieve more digital twins, third-party software and legacy systems.

Share your success leveraging Hexagon solutions in six unique categories:

Best in Planning


• Seamlessly integrate data across portfolios, projects, assets and disciplines to optimise project selection, design, resourcing and profitability.

• Generate clear conceptual designs to increase efficiency and accuracy during detailed design and engineering.

• Accurately define scope, budget, and schedule for project and event design and execution.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: EcoSys™

Best in Design


• Leverage planning data from diverse sources to streamline design and engineering for more intelligent and consistent plans and models.

• Dramatically enhance flexibility, interoperability, and collaboration to maximise design accuracy.

• Improve the quality and safety of engineering with interoperability between planning, design and analysis.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: Intergraph Smart® 3D, Intergraph Smart Review, Intergraph Smart Electrical, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, Intergraph Smart P&ID, CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, GT STRUDL®, PV Elite®, HxGN SDx®

Best in Execution


• Leverage the digital backbone and design data to efficiently procure, fabricate, construct and commission projects, improving execution time, quality, productivity and cost.

• Reduce project rework and waste by better estimating, forecasting, collaborating and tracking of materials and costs.

• Minimise risks associated with design and field changes, schedule or delivery delays, worker safety and more.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: Intergraph Smart Completions, Intergraph Smart Construction, Intergraph Smart Materials, Intergraph Smart Production, Intergraph Spoolgen, Isogen®, Jovix, iConstruct, EcoSys™

Best in Operations


• Leverage engineering and operations data to deliver more efficient, productive assets while ensuring regulatory compliance and managing EHS risk.

• Share asset data across departments and stakeholders to improve collaboration, productivity and operational excellence.

• Create a unified view of all operational data for more informed, real-time decision-making.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: HxGN SDx, j5 Operations Management, PAS PlantState Integrity™, PAS Automation Integrity™, AcceleratorKMS, HxGN EAM

Best in Maintenance


• Move from reactive to predictive maintenance to improve asset performance, productivity and profitability.

• Improve maintenance process efficiency, standardisation and human safety.

• Reduce waste by improving asset energy usage and extending asset life.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: HxGN EAM, HxGN SDx, j5 Operations Management, PAS PlantState Integrity™, PAS Automation Integrity™, AcceleratorKMS

Best in OT/ICS Cybersecurity


• Improve operational integrity by automatically capturing inventory and critical data of OT/ICS assets to minimise the impact of cyber and process safety risks.

• Optimise vulnerability management through visual representation and risk scoring of endpoints.

• Ensure automation works reliably by monitoring complex data from autonomous systems to identify configuration or performance issues.


Suggested products leveraged for this award are: PAS Cyber Integrity®

Submissions will require details of your success, including:

  • Project details (size, scope, etc)
  • Project/overall challenges and complexities your company has faced
  • Advantages of using Hexagon solutions (please provide specific numbers i.e. staff hours spared, decreased schedule, improvements in productivity, effects on accuracy, client satisfaction)
  • Benefits that came from using Hexagon solutions
  • Problems that were avoided or eliminated by using Hexagon solutions
  • Why your company’s achievements are unique; what aspects of your project take the use of Hexagon tools beyond what is in the user manual?
  • How have Hexagon solutions enabled you to become a champion of change within your company?

Need some inspiration? Check out last year's Hexagon Elite Award winners and finalists.

Have a success you would like to share?

Review submission details and submit your story here.