Metrology training (NPL)

National Physical Laboratory training for Dimensional Metrology

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Using precision measurement tools correctly could save your business money.

NPL Training is the UK’s only independent industry-recognised measurement training programme. It can help businesses:

  • Reduce waste
  • Enable better-informed decisions
  • Remove the need for expensive technical support
  • Reduce operational mistakes
  • Provide hands on training
  • Ensure post assessment availability
  • Provide personal career development via the only nationally recognised qualification in metrology

Understanding the principles of measurement can lead to better decisions on product purchasing, reduced need for expensive technical support and reduced operational mistakes with  expensive consequences. A better understanding of measurement will reduce the risks to your business. The NPL-Training for Dimensional Metrology is divided into four levels, covering measurement users to measurement strategy definers, always through a practical hands-on approach:

Dimensional Measurement - Level 1 Measurement User

Uses measurement knowledge and expertise.

A three day training course introducing dimensional metrology and its under-pinning principles and methods. Delegates will be taught how to better interpret technical drawings, make fundamental measurement calculations and implement a measurement strategy in a manufacturing engineering environment.

Who should attend?

  • Apprentices
  • Graduates
  • Shop-Floor Engineers
  • Quality & Inspection Staff
  • Designers
  • Process Planners
  • Production Staff

Dimensional Measurement - Level 2 Measurement Applier

Applies measurement knowledge and expertise.

Level 2 – Provides Knowledge and Performance techniques for anyone required to use co-ordinate measurement as part of their daily routine.

Upon completion the candidate will understand co-ordinate measurement methods and techniques. They will also be able to correctly use co-ordinate measurement equipment to correctly collect and interpret the data.

Who should attend?

  • All candidates that achieve level 1
  • Graduates / Modern Apprentices
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Inspectors