Precision Agriculture and Machine Control

Providing embedded electronics and precision agriculture for agricultural machine manufacturers.

Ti10 agricultural display inside the tractor

Ti10 display: the high performance your machine deserves 

With high processing capacity, the Ti10 agricultural display enables greater connectivity between field operations. 

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Hexagon has a portfolio for agricultural machine manufacturers with embedded electronics technology and precision agriculture that can be customised according to the needs of each partner. Our agricultural displays have ISOBUS and are compatible with various brands in the market.

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Technology for machine manufacturers 

HxGN AgrOn OEM is a complete original equipment manufacturer (OEM) portfolio with custom precision agriculture solutions tailored to each partner's needs. Our sensors, hardware and software promote true digital transformation in the field. As a result, end-customers get enhanced workflows, optimising revenue and maximising the bottom line. 

In addition to providing innovative technology for machines, tractors and agricultural implements, Hexagon prepares its technical team through continuous training programs and advanced assistance centers to ensure excellent end-customer support. It is part of the Hexagon’s agriculture portfolio, which combines agriculture domain expertise with the resources and R&D commitment of Hexagon.


Embedded and precision agriculture technology

Hexagon is the ideal partner on your digital transformation journey. Our products can be purchased individually or combined according to the needs of each customer for maximum efficiency in agricultural activities.

  • Embedded electronics: solution for agricultural and forestry operations, which allows equipment to leave the factory with precision farming capabilities.
  • Monitoring: detailed control with real-time reports, graphs and dashboards to aid decision-making while directing control processes to operators.


High-performance agricultural display

From the global leader in autonomous solutions, Hexagon's Ti10 was developed with disruptive technologies and high processing capacity, enabling greater connectivity between field operations. With a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, it is perfectly suited for any type of operation and has audio and video systems that allow more interactivity with users.

With the ideal technical specifications for maximum performance and meeting high technical protection and safety requirements, the Ti10 display is capable of integrating planning and management systems for better monitoring and follow-up of field activities.



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