Swiss Border Guard Improves Coordination, Response & Efficiency with Computer-Aided Dispatch

Needing to improve personnel coordination, better exploit digital information, and meet new challenges, the Swiss Border Guard implemented a new command support and incident management system from Hexagon.

Swiss border guard

The Challenge

The Swiss Border Guard protects national borders and enforces a multitude of laws, acts, and conventions to ensure the safety and security of the Swiss public.

In recent years, the Border Guard’s operational environment has undergone drastic changes, which created new demands. A study on behalf of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration predicted increased efficiency of border guard operations could be achieved with a new IT system.

To improve coordination between personnel, better exploit digital information, and meet new and ever-increasing challenges, the Border Guard recognized the need to implement a new command support and incident management system.

The Solution

The Swiss Border Guard implemented Hexagon’s industry-leading incident management software at its four command and control centers in three different linguistic and cultural regions. Hexagon's computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution enhances geographical flexibility during the strategic planning of patrols. Used in 26 workstations by 100 users, the solution integrates with approximately 1,000 automated vehicle location devices and personnel trackers, 2,000 digital radio devices, and several hundred cameras. The four command and control centers expect to create 50,000 events and perform 1 million data queries each year with the new system. During major incidents and events, Hexagon’s incident command system enables centralized management of all available resources.

In the future, more departments of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration will be integrated into the solution, which will improve planning processes and response capabilities across the agency.

"Hexagon’s solutions provide us with a common operational picture for the border guard’s entire operational area."
Head of the Swiss Border Guard

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