Snohomish County PUD Uses Network Model Management Solution for Entire Grid

To feed its advanced distribution management system with timely and accurate data, Snohomish County PUD implemented advanced GIS technology from Hexagon to create a single system of record for its entire network.

Landscape of large transformers and telecommunications infrastructure

The Challenge

As the second-largest publicly owned utility in Washington, Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD) serves more than 348,000 electric and 20,000 water customers. SnoPUD engaged in a smart grid project partially sponsored by the U.S. federal government to deploy an advanced distribution management system (ADMS). Critical to the success of any ADMS deployment is accurate, timely network data. To feed this data, SnoPUD needed an enterprise system that featured a single system of record of the network to provide information to all departments and systems – not only the ADMS, but also SAP and others.

The Solution

SnoPUD adopted advanced utility GIS technology from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure’s division for its extensive capabilities and life-cycle support for grid data. The solution serves as the system of record for work and asset location information, providing source data to SnoPUD’s GE ADMS and SAP systems. The product’s database-centric architecture drives network model management. SnoPUD uses the solution to merge its as-built network with its as-operated model to make daily corrective measures to its services.

“Once you democratize the system of record – the more eyes you can get on the same piece of information – the better the data quality becomes.” 
Enterprise Architect Snohomish
County Public Utility District

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