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Operating for over 60 years in the Brazilian agricultural market, Shark has 23 branches distributed in the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina. With a market vision ahead of its time and strong agricultural vocation, the company has grown rapidly and expanded its operations in all agricultural frontiers of the country. Today the company has one of the largest stocks in the market, offering its customers the best brands, products and specialised services for the agricultural segment. Shark sells the most important machines, implements and equipment, in addition to providing spare parts and high quality service to its customers, providing high operational availability. The distributor and partner of Hexagon’s Agriculture division is a benchmark in Brazil among grain producers, (such as soybeans, corn and wheat), and also for the sugar-energy, forestry, livestock, citrus and produce segments.


The Agriculture division has a close relationship with all its partners, always seeking excellence in delivery to all customers. The Machine Automation solution makes it possible to automate, monitor and manage the operations. Operating in different stages of the agricultural process, ranging from soil treatment, planting, crop treatments to harvesting and transportation of raw material, it ensures the performance of activities in the field with efficiency and quality. As such, Hexagon can bring high quality technology to tractors that are already operating in the field but do not yet have precision farming capabilities. This generates savings, productivity and greater profitability for rural producers. In addition to being a global provider of digital solutions for agriculture, Hexagon prepares the technical staff of its distributors and resellers so that they can provide excellent installation and support service to all customers.


According to César Nunes, Shark’s Precision Agriculture Coordinator, the big challenge is to bring precision agriculture to machines that already operate in the field, but do not have the necessary resources to automate operations. To do so, it is necessary to show users real productivity and financial gains with the technology. Providing an easy and fast installation is also a challenge for those working with this type of solution, as avoiding machines not being used in the field means less waste. To achieve these results successfully, it was necessary to find a partner who, in addition to having a complete and reliable portfolio, with international quality standards, would be able to provide an after-sales service with agility and exceptional technical skill, minimising losses and strains in the relationship with the customer.

A successful partnership

The partnership between the two companies has been ongoing since 2013, when the first HxGN AgrOn Auto Steering began to be marketed by Grupo Shark. With hundreds of Ti5 and Ti7 displays sold over 6 years of partnership, the company stands out as one of the leading distributors of Hexagon solutions in Brazil. Currently the group resells Hexagon’s Machine Automation products, such as AgrOn Auto Steering, AgrOn Guidance, AgrOn Fertilisation Control and AgrOn Sprayer Control, AgrOn Planting Monitor, in addition to AgrOn Machine Monitoring, a management system for information on machines and fleets that are in the field.

For Sírio Barazetti, Sales and After-sales Director, the success of the partnership between the two companies is not only because Hexagon offers high quality products, but mainly due to the after-sales service, which is the great differential among the other companies of the branch that acts in the market. Over the years the partnership between the two companies has been strengthened and it has been possible to create actions, such as the Field Day, which takes place in all subsidiaries of Shark, in order to promote the technologies available in agriculture and, as a result, there is a great customer loyalty. Hexagon’s commitment to promoting true transformation in the field goes beyond developing and providing information technology solutions that unlock the full potential of agricultural production. As part of the program of partners and distributors that the company offers, there is periodic training for Shark’s technical and commercial team so that they can discover the products and provide quality service to customers with excellence.


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