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Founded in 2013 in Ukraine, Frendt is the leading dealer of Hexagon’s Agriculture division. The company sells and distributes Machine Automation products for the entire country. With 2 offices and 35 employees, it stands out as a supplier of quality products, good customer service and highly qualified technicians. Frendt is specialised in precision farming systems and has been one of the biggest innovation players for over 5 years in this segment in Ukraine. It operates on farms of all sizes, ranging from small farms to large companies and has about 3,000 active contracts, covering a large part of the Ukrainian market. The goal of Frendt is install, customise and teach farms to use equipment that saves resources and facilitates work.


Hexagon’s Agriculture division has partners in more than 35 countries including South Africa, Australia and Indonesia. The division currently has two offices and a factory in Brazil, as well as another office in Madrid, Spain. Hexagon’s precision agriculture products enable the monitoring and management of operations as well as automation of tractors, machines and implements. These products act in different stages of the agricultural process, ranging from the treatment of soil, planting and cultural treatments to the harvest and transport of raw materials – ensuring all field initiatives are successfully completed with efficiency and quality. Hexagon prepares the technical staff of its dealers and resellers so they can provide an excellent installation and support service for all customers. In addition to the hardware, Hexagon also has several certifications of quality and factory warranty.

A successful partnership

The partnership with Hexagon began two years after Frendt was founded, with the request of the first HxGN AgrOn Guidance integrated with Hexagon’s Ti5 display. Frendt is currently the official distributor of Hexagon in Ukraine and markets and installs Machine Automation solution products and antennas, such as the RTK. Frendt highlights that the quality of the products and technical service are the main differentials in having Hexagon as a partner. The Agriculture division has ongoing technical training programs from its partners as well as consolidated post-sales centers to ensure all end-customer support is consistent anywhere in the world.

In addition, Frendt recognises Hexagon’s commitment to innovation by developing revolutionary digital solutions and creating synergies among its divisions in the areas of geo-positioning, mapping, automation, embedded electronics, artificial intelligence and system integration. In the future, Frendt expects Hexagon’s sales growth in the Ukrainian market to reach the majority of consumers with high-quality equipment – enjoying unrestricted use for several years. Yet not only the sale of equipment is the goal of Frendt, it plans to conduct training on the use of quality equipment for farm workers who will use it at work. Currently, Frendt offers its customers monitors, as well as a controllers. All products use GPS receivers, aerials and maps for high-quality precision farming. Frendt offers customers not just a device, but a holistic system.Even with the physical distance, Hexagon and Frendt work very closely because they understand how much manufacturers and dealers should always walk side by side, to grow and achieve the best results.


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