Right here. Right now.

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Right here. Right now.

First person innovation

Key takeaways:
  • Burkhard Boeckem launched HxGN LIVE Global’s first Innovation Day
  • Hexagon’s HxDR powers Reality Cloud Studio, ushering automated Digital Reality into the cloud
  • Hexagon partners with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to enhance reality capture

An exciting start to Innovation Day at HxGN LIVE Global 2023, Hexagon’s CTO Burkhard Boeckem presented a tour de force technology showcase. Best of all, these innovations are not faraway dreams; they are real and available right here, right now.

Innovation in everything

Building on Paolo Guglielmini’s general session, “Optimism at scale”, Boeckem welcomed Matthias Wieser, Hexagon’s VP of Product Design, to discuss human-centric design. Wieser shared stories around the evolution of Hexagon’s key technologies designed with the user in mind, including the Leica BLK360, the Hexagon CAS10, the AP20 AutoPole, PRESTO and the Pegasus TRK Series. These stories underscored the consistent focus on the end user and how each product iteration added speed and efficiency.

Connecting everyone

Designed with users in mind, Nexus — the open digital reality platform for manufacturers — is putting an end to silos and enabling faster innovation. Recently announced, Nexus for Developers provides a robust suite of platform services, encompassing native apps, customised workflows and Hexagon's proprietary technologies. Nexus aims to empower developers with access to Hexagon's extensive customer base.

Connecting industry-leading technologies, Andy Pratt, VP of Customer Innovation at Microsoft, joined Boeckem virtually to speak about Nexus and the continued collaboration between Hexagon and Microsoft.

Access to everywhere, from anywhere

Boeckem introduced Reality Cloud Studio, a new application on Hexagon’s HxDR platform that combines reality drive, cloud studio and collaboration space to visualise, mesh, register and store data. It allows users to upload and register scans automatically using Leica BLK solutions with next-level democratisation and a simplified workflow.

As a capstone to the reveal, Boeckem shared a video from Tom Soderstom, Director of Chief Technologists, AWS, on how the two companies are collaborating to make Reality Cloud Studio happen.

Right here. Right now.

After discussing Hexagon's advancements in AI, robotics, industrial metaverse and sustainability, Boeckem featured a video from Chris Edwards, CEO of The Third Floor, showcasing the use of the BLK product line in creating digital effects for the award-winning film Avatar: The Way of Water. Boeckem then previewed the Leica BLK2GO PULSE, made in partnership with Sony, that offers smartphone integration, new sensor technology, and real-time visualisation of complete datasets. The session concluded with Sony’s Eita Yanagisawa discussing the promising partnership.

Boeckem's session highlighted the first-person innovation happening within Hexagon and through its partnerships, showcasing the company's influential role in the sphere of technology — right here, right now.

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