Materials lifecycle management for aerospace

Solutions to capture and manage data about materials from integrated processes throughout the aerospace product lifecycle


Aerospace manufacturers and OEMs generate enormous amounts of data about the materials they use when manufacturing aircraft parts.

Design and engineering teams can draw on this valuable information to make sure they are using the right materials during simulation, thereby saving time. Being able to track material use is crucial, especially given the growing use of complex, lighter, high-performance advanced metals and composites, which enable manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements such as reductions in CO2 emissions. Not only does the right data mean engineers avoid mistakes, they can also use it to drive product innovation in alloys, elastomers, plastics, and composites for aerospace industry use.

Materials data also increases traceability and lets manufacturers prove to regulatory bodies they are using a consistent source of approved materials, derived from traceable integrated processes. But the ability of aircraft manufacturers and OEMs to automatically access data about materials depends on how well they manage it.

Hexagon’s materials lifecycle management solutions link materials specialists to mechanical simulations systems. And it captures data from integrated processes to ensure full traceability across the business and the product lifecycle.

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SimManager is a complete simulation process and data management system that brings together people, processes and technology to streamline simulation operations.

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