Inspection of large-volume wind energy components

Lakber - Spain

In industry sectors where work pieces are large and heavy, mobility is everything for a measurement system. When accuracy and easy handling are the other functional requirements, there is no way around a portable CMM. Spanish machining company Lakber came to this conclusion and uses a high-end Leica Absolute Tracker and a Leica T-Probe. 

Inspection of large volume wind energy componentsLakber provides perfection. By order of Sakana, a foundry specialized in large components for wind energy installations and ships engines, Lakber delivers completely machined parts. Proximity is the idea on the manufacturing campus in Lakuntza, Northern Spain: Sakana and Lakber share premises. Almost no transport is necessary during the process that leads to the machined part. 

Mobile and accurate metrology tool 

Next to the milling machines is Lakber’s inspection area. The Lakber technicians use a portable CMM from Leica Geosystems for part inspection. Directly on the shop floor, a Leica Absolute Tracker and a Leica T-Probe deliver highly accurate 3D measurement results. Time and cost consuming transport to a metrology lab is not necessary.
Measuring points without direct line of sight

Leica T-Probe: unique

Alejandro Martinez, General Manager of Lakber, explains why he decided to purchase a laser tracker system: “The volume of the components we produce requires a laser tracker – there is just no alternative that works so elegantly. We talked to other machining companies who already had experience with trackers, and they recommended it. The Leica T-Probe was the decisive factor after all. This device is unique.” 
There is just no alternative that works so elegantly.

Ideal for large volume components: Leica T-Probe, the walk-around CMM


Developing metrology know-how

Two Lakber technicians operate the laser tracker system. Nahia Arrese is one of them. She looks back: “When we first introduced the laser tracker, we received a lot of support from Hexagon Metrology Spain. Our training was really good and helped us to develop the right measurement strategies. The operation is really easy, thanks to PowerLock.”

Alejandro Martinez adds: “We are very happy with the system, and it was the right decision to develop metrology  knowledge of our own. The laser tracker and the support we received from Hexagon Metrology are a strong package.”