Improving utility network management capabilities in Germany

Halberstadtwerke deploys Hexagon’s advanced GIS network management tools to consolidate network systems


The challenge

Halberstadtwerke GmbH, an energy service provider for Halberstadt, Germany, and its surrounding region, provides approximately 45,000 commercial and residential customers in 38 municipalities with electricity, natural gas, water and heating services in addition to energy consulting and building management technology.

Halberstadtwerke’s 779-kilometer utility cable network was previously operated and maintained using multiple software from different vendors. This created unnecessary complications in pinpointing the source of technical difficulties. Halberstadtwerke sought a solution from a single provider not only to reduce costs, but also to streamline the management, support and diagnostic capabilities of its network information system (NIS).

The solution

To consolidate its network to a single provider, Halberstadtwerke chose Hexagon’s geospatial asset management system, HxGN NetWorks, bringing its multiple existing software systems into one source of reliable, location-based information for a complete view of its network.

As a result, the company has realized significant performance improvements, decreased maintenance costs and administrative burdens, strengthened quality assurance and enabled network tracking. Now, all components of the NIS, which is customized to Halberstadtwerke’s specific needs, work seamlessly together – from work order ticket processing to reporting and remediation. What’s more, the company can adapt its data model as needed, independently.

“To ensure superb delivery of reliable services, we needed a network solution we could trust, and we knew Hexagon would be an excellent partner. Their utility GIS has been an effective solution for our needs and has helped us improve our network operations management and maintenance.”
Martin Hase
Administrator of the network information system (NIS)

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